Zero DSR Front Sprocket Torque

All, I'#039#039m changing from a belt drive to chain drive on my DSR, and I need the torque spec for the bolt that holds the front sprocket onto the motor shaft. nbspnbsp Does anyone know? I'#039#039ve looked in this forum, the official Zero manual, and here: https://zerom Go to Source

Are the Owners and Service Manuals Posted?

I am fairly good at operating the search bar and don'#039t see any of the information that would be helpful for a new owner… Is this bike one should really just stay away from? nbsp Is anyone still riding? nbsp Is this site de Go to Source

Do you have any PrOsPeCtiVe New Owners Advice?

I am a prospective buyer of a 2014 Brammo Empulse R and was hoping that this site would have some basic information. I am also interested to know if anyone has compiled a year by year specs and model year performance changes. Does anyone have any warni… Go to Source

Charger offboard for fxs 2021

Good morning,where can i buy an aftermarket charger (off board) that is the best in terms of power / weight to connect to my fxs to recharge it?I would need a plug and play charger, which can therefore be purchased ready to use (I'#039#039m not very practic.. Go to Source

Any info on this thermal pad for the controller/heatsink?

Hello everyone. nbspnbsp I'#039#039m trying to find a replacement thermal pad for my Enertia Basic. nbspnbsp The pad goes between the controller and heatsink. nbspnbsp Unfortunately I don'#039#039t have any information on the existing pad. nbspnbsp The dimensions are roughly 173mm x 225mm Go to Source

Brammo Empulse R for sale in Australia Go to Source

Zero S – how I use my Mode button

So after five thousand miles, I have gotten into a groove with some features. nbspnbsp And one I'#039#039ve been using more is the Mode button. nbspnbsp When I first started riding, I mostly used Eco. nbspnbsp Then I started using Custom, changing the braking and throttle power Go to Source

How can an owner tell if your battery should be replaced while under warranty?

Today my wife and I took my 2017 FXS modular 6.5 out for a ride. nbspnbsp  nbspI wanted to test its range. nbspnbsp  nbspWe are in Florida. nbspnbsp  nbspWe started at 100% and ended at 12%. nbspnbsp Our loop was along a beach road, then inland to a state road and home. nbspnbsp  nbspThe total lo Go to Source

direct charging of ZF3.3 or ZF3.6 battery module

So the dealer here is absolutely worthless. Unable to problem solve, its scary what they telling other customers. Still no working batteries. My FX is not charging and they want to sell me brake rotors and a new handlebar. They don'#039#039t know how to fix a.. Go to Source

SDS platform fastener replacement?

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to replace the wood screws in the plastics? nbspnbsp They'#039#039re really a bother. nbspnbsp I know they'#039#039re cheap, but some of mine don'#039#039t even fit in right, and I really hate the idea of screwing into the plastic every time I need Go to Source