victory empulse for $7k ?!?

I have a chance to grab a brand new 0 mile Victory Empulse TT for $7000 I assume this is a great deal considering MSRP was 20k probably going to pull the trigger just looking for some quick thoughts and feedback Go to Source

Quarter Million Bikers for Trump at Inaugural!

Hey Guys – Looks like we'll have a good bike showing at the Trump Inaugural with an expected quarter of a million bikers from all over the US. Looks like the "Fake Media" is already branding all motorcycle owners as; Criminals –  Drug Dealers – Bank R… Go to Source

Power Activation Time After Charging

I noticed that after charging my '17 SR when I turn the bike on via the activation switch on throttle side it can take many seconds to fully activate.  It will keep flashing the Power / ReGen meters severals times before the light goes to a solid green… Go to Source

Sudden deceleration at full throttle?

  I was riding into work on my FXS this morning at full throttle at almost max speed when I the bike suddenly slowed.  The best way I can describe it is it felt like a very strong regen (way stronger than what 100% feels like) for a second or so.  I qu… Go to ...

New dumb motorcycle tariff idea

I really don't know what to say about this tariff proposal:  :'(… Go to Source

Programming the Zero Delta Q charger

Can I add multiple charging profiles to the delta Q provided by zero?  Or can I just reprogram it entirely to charge a 48v battery?  I am building an electric mower and I have 2 Chevy volt packs I will run in parallel.  My other thought is maybe I coul… Go to Source

Southern California All-Electric Group Ride

Hello Guys and Gals, I would like to invite those of you who live in Southern California to a group ride in Orange County. 3 Brothers Racing located in Costa Mesa, CA is hosting their first all-electric group ride. They are excited to meet you and lear… Go to Source

Don’t bust you Asse!

Living up here in North Georgia around 20 minutes from Suches, Ga  and a little over an hour from the Tail of the Dragon we get a lot of Florida bikes up here, in fact the past week we've had temperatures in the 70's and Sat & Sun it looked like Summer… Go to Source

HELP !!!!!

Hey guys, Today was the first day I familiarized myself with the components on my new 2017 DSR but….I just discovered something very disturbing. The main reason why I paid premium for the DSR model was because they upgraded the controller to 775A an… Go to Source

I had to push it home for the first time today

I found this sweet place with some real nice curves in the road.  Since I'm in Florida, curves are hard to come by.  It was so far from home, that I only went around it 1 1/2 times before I hit 50% on the battery and turned around for the ride home.  4… Go to ...