Give Side Case Rack Set Brand new.

I recently acquired 3 new sets of original official Givi side case racks for the Empulse with all the hardware.  One set was just installed on my bike. The are really great and replaced the soft bags I had been using.  They weigh a bit more than the … Go to Source

same rear shock model/configuration for 2013 + 2014 models? (S, DS)

Hello,I am wondering if anyone has information regarding the different part numbers for the 2013-2014 rear shocks. The unofficial zero manual indicates that the 2013-2014 model S uses the same shock (FastAce BDA58RC), however I have seen part numbers … Go to Source

DS 11kw power difference between 7.2 and 14.4kwh

I wish to buy a DS 11kw which is a EU and UK bike with lower power for learner riders who only have a CBT in the UK. The 7.2 listed as 31hp the 14.4 as 59hp. I want to use this as a commute bike so the lighter by 40 kilos 7.2 would have ...

Zero FX 7.2 Diginow supercharger installation

I'm looking into getting a Zero FX at some point but one of the things I would like to do is quick charge in under an hour.  Diginow's website suggests that two v2.5 superchargers would charger it in around 40 minutes.  How would I mount these to the … Go to Source

want to buy used/broken shock -FastAce BDA58RC/BFA57RC for ’13/’14 Zero S or DS

Hello, If anyone has replaced/upgraded the rear shock on the 2013/2014 model S or DS, and still has the original FastAce BDA58RC / BFA57RC shock (broken or not), please contact me if you would like to sell it. Thanks! Go to Source

Drive belt questions

What is the life expectancy  of the drive belt on my two Zero bikes (listed below)?  And how much trouble are they to change, what's involved?  Should I carry a spare belt? -Don-  Cottonwood, AZ (on a RV trip with the Zero DS ZF 6.5 carried on the RV h… Go to Source

2014 model S FastAce shock rebuild/replacement

Hi all,I had a saddlebag mounting bracket break loose and punch a hole in the reservoir chamber of my FastAce shock on my 2014 model S. No more gas pressure, and dampening obviously doesn't work much anymore. As a temporary measure I tried out the Wo… Go to Source

Keeping contactor closed for aux charging

Hi, I have a 2015 S 12.5 and I’ve added a couple of TC Charger to the ‘tank’ area which gives 6.6kw of charging. Does anybody know how to keep the contactor closed and in charging mode with the keys removed? I know the belly pan will do this but want t… Go to Source

Fast charging: Kabels and adapters: confused already?

So, Currently I have 2 ways of charging my Zero <in Europe, so no J-plugs>: * standard socket Zero (1,3kW charging) to Suko                      – HOME charging (3,7kW available without other consumers)* standard socket Zero (1,3kW charging) to Mennek… Go to Source

What’s So Super About Superbikes?

Every year when the rumors fly about a possible new model to be added to the Zero line, all the buzz is about some superbike class mystery machine. I understand they are "Halo" models to prove you're a "serious" manufacturer, but they are very thin sli… Go to Source