DIY charger folks, is there a published 2016 battery charging sequence?

So, I got Elcons on the way and am on the list for a Diginow, but am interested in building one to stage at a location 120 mi from home for day trips so I don't have to carry one with me.  Is the charging regime for the battery pack published somewhere… Go to Source

Tire change – Valve stem size – dynabeads

So it's time for me to do the most common maintenance on my 2013 s.  New tires.  I'm swapping out my Pirelli sport demons for avons.  They only lasted 4000 miles. I've got a leak (think it's my valve stems).  Im looking up replacing them, but I'm not s… Go to Source

Anyone dealt with WOW near Atlanta

By chance does anyone have an opinion regarding World of Wheels in Marietta Georgia (just north of Atlanta)? Go to Source

That *+*%$##% Throttle

Wow has anyone had the pleasure of removing and reinstalling the Zero throttle. Is there a trick to getting the miserable spring engaged again ? Thanks Go to Source

Enertia Plus 2013 parts

I need a mirror and a peg in Seattle Go to Source

Enertia Plus 2013 service in Seattle area

Do love my commuter 2013 Enertia plus bike but am not mechanically inclined and feel abandoned by Polaris/Brammo. Cannot find any service in Seattle area. New ominous noises and low speed fall and need mirror and peg. Go to Source

DriveTribe forums

Since there was one lacking, I created a general Brammo vertical on DriveTribe, ideally to cover both Empulse and Enertia variants:… Go to Source

Zero reminding everybody that the tax credit ends 12/31/16

Will it be extended? Who knows but it is a factor for anyone on the fence.  I know there are still some 15s and plenty of 16s that are already discounted adding  the 10% credit puts them mostly inline with with some of their gas bike competitors. Go to Source

Simultaneous transport and charge of your bike

I was looking for a towing solution for my UTV and I came across this: [img]… Go to Source

Blown a Fuse

A few days ago, my bike stopped charging. I finally opened the bike up a bit and discovered that there was a blown fuse. Looks like a 15 Amp 125 Volt fuse. [img widt… Go to Source