FX 6.5 Police modifications

I thought this article published by electricmotorcyles.news was interesting because it mentions an additional corrosion coating and waterproofing applied to this police bike so that it will hold up better when used near a salt water environment…. Go to Source

Need help installing SAE USB accessory

I got a SAE to USB accessory from eBay and need to install it, can someone please provide the details as to where the SAE connector is located and what I need to take off to get to it? Pictures would help out a lot if you have them. Go to Source

Limp mode at 25%

My 2015 SR has been running out of power or going into limp mode when the battery is reading 25% power left.I am barely able to get the bike home when this happens.I don't know what is causing this. Temp readings are all normal. This problem makes t… Go to Source

Cumberland Falls State Park trip on a Zero

I met some friends this weekend to ride the twisties in Kentucky. Yesterday I did 124 miles with a three stops to plug in into 110V for about 15min each which netted me an extra 5-10% each time. I stayed in Eco mode the entire time too. Today I did a t… Go to Source

Sevcon Gen4 Error Codes

This is only relevant if you have a bike which features a sevcon gen4 controller … SOURCE: http://jan.peman.com/hacks/EmergencyErrorCodes.txt Quote Emergency (EMCY) codes from the Sevco… Go to Source

Choosing side cases

About to pull the trigger on ordering a 17 DS (first bike — excited? yes!), I realise I need some space to put groceries, slippers and various stuff in. The dealer suggested the Givi side cases. Looking at the Zero Aftermarket / Unofficial Manual, I s… Go to Source

2016 FXS 77 ft-lbs torque in app

  The motor was recently replaced on my 2016 FXS under warranty.  I only use the app infrequently, but I distinctly remember that prior to the service, the torque would reach a maximum of 70 ft-lbs as reported in the app, which matches the specs exactl… Go to Source

What are your dreams for 2018?

for me a FXSRa FXS with the engin and controleur of the SRbetter breaks 4 piston radial at the frontWheel rim which accepts tire in 150 at the back to have more choices of tireand 10kwh of the FXSR good night have a nice dream Go to Source

Brammo Enertia won’t decelerate

I posted this on a different forum until i got approved by admin. If there is any advice on repairing this myself please let me know. Or if anyone knows where there's a place who will service in Northern california near San Jose. Thanks Gotta 2009 Bram… Go to Source

FS: 2013 Brammo Empulse R

I'm selling my 2013 on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2013-Victory-Brammo-Empulse-R-/112408538708?hash=item1a2c122e54:g:YlMAAOSwuMZZG… Go to Source