2012 reviews?

I see some folks are receiving their bikes, yet no reviews yet? Come on, spill the beans… Go to Source

Riding my 2012 DS & love it!

I picked up my 2012 DS on the 18th and I love this bike.  I thought my 2010 DS couldn't be beat but ZERO has managed to do it! Not only range but handling is even better and I don't notice the 20 extra pounds (I got the lighter of the two models bec… Go ...

Electric Brammo Encite with IET technology FLY BY

Here's another video from S.M.R.E.'s video channel: Electric Brammo Encite with IET technology FLY BY Go to Source

Brammo #3 according to Pike research.

Quote Pike’s Top 10 Vendors 1   Zero Motorcycles 2   Jiangsu Xinri E-Vehicle 3   Brammo Looks like Zero are on top. I've never even heard of Jiangsu Xinri E-Vehicle before. [img width=600 height=4… Go to Source

NEW Zero XU for 2 thousand OFF MSRP

Just swung by Grand Prix Motorsports this morning because I happened to be in the area. Didnt see the new Zeros BUT I saw some price tags on a few 2011 Zero XUs. 5999! Not too bad, especially after the colorado where it would be *1923.00!? Now I know f… Go to Source

NY Motorcycle Show

I thought I would reserve this space for anyone who plans to visit the NY Motorcycle Show this weekend, in case they would like to inform the rest of us located thousands of miles away what is going on at the Show.  I am kind of hoping that Brammo migh… Go to Source

Flextronics news

According to an article in the business section of my newspaper, Flextronics USA said yesterday that they would be moving their U.S. Headquarters and 500 employees from Milpitas, to San Jose, CA.  They have leased 140,000 sf in the America Center, a tw… Go to Source

H2 power to be researched in the UK

Apparently, the UK has decided that since the "Hydrogen Highway" infrastructure worked so well in California when the Governator proposed it, that they would give it a try too.  Read about their big plans here:    [url=http://www.visordown.com/motor… Go to Source

Brammo Empulse is a monster look a like

   When I look at pictures of the Empulse I can see a resemblance of a Ducati Monster, it's a very sexy bike. It will definetly throw people off. This machine will envy alot of riders at your regular bike night, I can't wait for the spring. I wonder if… Go to Source

Newbie from N.C.

Hello,  I have been following Brammo for a while now. I have been in the motorcycle industry for most of my life. The electric bikes have captured my attention. I do not have one yet so I am here to find out what owners think of the… Go to Source