How is your source of electricity created?

I often read blanket statements on forums that electric motorcycle riders are doing the equivalent of burning coal instead of gasoline or petrol that you would normally use in ICE bikes. The argument is that to generate the electricity we use to ride,… Go to Source

What’s it really going to cost?

I wonder if the price of the Empulse is still going to be $14k when the bike finally comes out. The original price was based on 110v charging, single gear, one person only. Now that it looks like the bike will have J1772 charging, IET shifter, room for… Go to Source

EV’s in England

Here's an article about EV's in England from the Guardian news paper. Electric cars step up a gear for 2012New plug-in hybrid models, battery leasing and… Go to Source

2012 Zeros rolling off the assembly line

Last night I received a call from my local Zero dealer, Mission Motorcycles in Daly City, CA, located about a 15-minute ride from my home.  The shop owner told me that they had just received a new 2012 Zero DS model and it would be on the showroom floo… Go to Source

2012 Zeros are arriving at dealerships

Tonight I received a call from my local Zero dealer, Mission Motorcycles in Daly City, CA.  They told me that a new 2012 Zero DS will be arriving in their showroom tonight and will be on display tomorrow morning.  Naturally, I plan to check it out.  I … Go to Source

New CA proposed battery charger efficiency regulations

According to an article in the business section of my newspaper, written by Dana Hull of, the California Energy Commission on Thursday will consider adopting the nation's first energy-efficiency standards for battery chargers.  T… Go to Source

Taiwan plans free-use electric motorcycles

No idea who is making these bikes, but the folks in Taiwan are planning on providing 600 of them for free use to the public. Read about it at aut… Go to Source

Big Blonde now riding an e-bike

Well, not the kind of blonde you were hoping but it got you to look Some of you may have seen the video I made called Brammo Stories Episode One. I was planning on doing one a month but there was only one other Enertia owner that I could find in the… Go to Source

Brammo Ashland Expansion and ATV in the works?

Interesting article about Brammo expanding in Ashland and building a dirt test track.  The quote at the end seems to indicate an ATV in the plans:"Bramscher assured them the track would stay maintained and watered to prevent the electric motorcycles,… Go to Source

Racing Related

This is a quote from Eric Buell, from an article on HellForLeather: Quote "People say, 'Man, why are you going racing?' My answer is because it's the real deal.I gotta prove tha… Go to Source