Lola-Drayson B12/69EV race car

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Check out this cool electric race car.    The link that I am providing shows a photo of the car and discusses it battery system, but there are other articles about the car if you do a search. I just picked up the first one on the page.  [url=http://… Go to Source

Brammo Enertia on the dyno

Here's a video of the Enertia on a dyno. Thanks to Luke (a.k.a. liveforphysics) on elmoto's website for this. Brammo Enertia Dyno, 11.3hp peak Read a discussion about that video here: [url=http://… Go to Source

QUICK( fast) charger for the Zero

Any info about it?.. does it operate on 220V ? how many kW out? How really quick it is? Doc Go to Source

2012 Zero charger

Protomech spotted the charger used by Zero in their 2012 street models: If this isn't the charger it is an exact duplicate. Just flip the picture o… Go to Source

New Future 2011 DS owners and related projects

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Hi All, This is my first post here. Let me describe me a little bit I've been following this great forum since few month now , also thru twitter and i'm also active member on the Endless-Sphere forum since 2007. I've been playing with ebikes ( bicyc… Go to Source


Was about half way to work this morning, going 75 or so in the diamond lane, when the motor abruptly quit.  Coasted to the shoulder, re-booted, and no further issues have come up. Any idea what that was about?  Sustained full-throttle running hasn't be… Go to Source

Anybody hitting the Indy Dealer Expo this weekend? If so and you see any Brammo people, say a polite "Hi" and remind them to get out some Plus and Empulse info….but do it lovingly… Gavin Go to Source

Parking brake

If you haven't noticed yet, electric motorcycles need a parking brake.  While there may be several different ways to secure the Zero when parked on a hill, here is the cheapest and lightest method.  You can get a roll of this hook and loop strap in you… Go to Source

Welcome, Peter! (Got news?)

Brammo has just appointed Peter Anton as director of digital media and marketing.[img width=144 height=125]… Go to Source

Honda’s Going Electric-Motorcycle Racing

I know this is a Brammo forum, but this might up the ante on eletric motorcycles Go to Source