Zero DS Wh per km at different speed?

Does someone ever measured the Wh per km at different speed of the zero motorcycle , X, MX, DS od S? That would be nice to compare these data. Once i get mu DS 2011, i'll post them as well. From now anybody managed to test that?.. maybe using  the Cycl… Go to Source

Hollywood Electrics Zero Promotion

Hollywood Electrics is currently offering 0% financing (for 12 months) when you buy a Zero. Their [url=http://www.hollywoodelectric… Go to Source

Lola-Drayson B12/69EV race car

Check out this cool electric race car.    The link that I am providing shows a photo of the car and discusses it battery system, but there are other articles about the car if you do a search. I just picked up the first one on the page.  [url=http://… Go to Source

Brammo Enertia on the dyno

Here's a video of the Enertia on a dyno. Thanks to Luke (a.k.a. liveforphysics) on elmoto's website for this. Brammo Enertia Dyno, 11.3hp peak Read a discussion about that video here: [url=http://… Go to Source

QUICK( fast) charger for the Zero

Any info about it?.. does it operate on 220V ? how many kW out? How really quick it is? Doc Go to Source

2012 Zero charger

Protomech spotted the charger used by Zero in their 2012 street models: If this isn't the charger it is an exact duplicate. Just flip the picture o… Go to Source

New Future 2011 DS owners and related projects

Hi All, This is my first post here. Let me describe me a little bit I've been following this great forum since few month now , also thru twitter and i'm also active member on the Endless-Sphere forum since 2007. I've been playing with ebikes ( bicyc… Go to Source


Was about half way to work this morning, going 75 or so in the diamond lane, when the motor abruptly quit.  Coasted to the shoulder, re-booted, and no further issues have come up. Any idea what that was about?  Sustained full-throttle running hasn't be… Go to Source

Anybody hitting the Indy Dealer Expo this weekend? If so and you see any Brammo people, say a polite "Hi" and remind them to get out some Plus and Empulse info….but do it lovingly… Gavin Go to Source

Parking brake

If you haven't noticed yet, electric motorcycles need a parking brake.  While there may be several different ways to secure the Zero when parked on a hill, here is the cheapest and lightest method.  You can get a roll of this hook and loop strap in you… Go to Source