Ah the winter commute….

I should have edited out that it was trash day….ohhh, flickr lets you edit…garbage can gone! on a related note… [img width=600 height=450]http://farm8…. Go to Source

TTXGP World Final in Daytona

Here's the TTXGP North America 2012 Schedule: Round 1MAY 4th – MAY 6thInfineon Raceway Round 2June 23rd – June 24thPortland International Raceway Round 3August 31st – September 2ndMiller Motorsports Park Round 4TTXG… Go to Source


This is almost completely off topic, but I saw these and immediately thought of Gavin: http://www.canibeat.com/2012/02/not-just-a-build-david-nguyens-mr-switches/ [u… Go to Source

BRD E-bike is here


BRD RedShift

News from BRD and their RedShift off-road bike: BRD RedShift SM hoons San Francisco, MX reveal coming [img width=600 height=336]http://www.blogcdn.com… Go to Source

anyone get a LED headlight on 2012??

??wondering if the LED will give more range…. Go to Source

problem loosening the motor while trying to tighten the drive belt

I need to tighten the belt on my 2011 S as it has stretched a bit. I was trying to do it this weekend starting with loosening the motor with a long 7/32nd hex key and a 5/16th key for the rear and front bolts respectively. However, I couldn't even get … Go to Source

Roehr Motorcycles closes

Unfortunately, Roehr Motorcycles has folded.  I thought they had a good product, but the EV business is tough and it is really hard to make money if you don't have a lot of it stuffed in the bank to hold you over for a number of years until electric mo… Go to Source

Empulse needs some sound

One of the biggest complaints from my ice moto friends is that they want some big sound. I really hope somebody comes up with an accessory that will do this. At least this will get them to buy a brammo. Go to Source

Mileage update….

Received the Enertia with 450 miles on it…so as of tonight I've put on 1,500 miles…yea! For an electric commuter bike that isn't too bad…my commute i… Go to Source