Polaris Offers $100 Discount on Enertia Plus?

Not exactly. However, I just saw this tweet from the official Victory Motorcycle (owned by Polaris, of course)  twitter account:Starting today, The Gunny @rleeermey will give you $100 if you ride a Vi… Go to Source

Team Wilzig and their new pit bike

In front of the Performance Tech Motorsports truck is this Brammo Enertia which will be Team Wilzig's pit bike for the 2012 racing season.  If you don't know what Team Wilzig is or who Alan Wilzig is then it's time to change tha… Go to Source

have you fallen over ?

  figured I share my little mishap this week as some of you might have encountered the same. was riding in slow traffic that stopped, stopping, leaning to the right and started to put my right foot down. But wonder — the foot won't move – s… Go to Source

Another fully enclosed EV – the C-1

Here is the latest competition for the Mono-Tracer, the C-1. Its claim-to-fame is that it is stabilized by gyros. Plus, at a price of 15,000 Pounds, seems really (too) cheap. I wouldn't put too much money on this thing being financially successful thou… Go to Source

The place for March 2012 news

Here you go.Discussion of the Enertia Plus emails and the bike model in general, should still probably take place on that forum. Go to Source

Next up – Empulse!

The details of the Enertia Plus are finally out (thanks to Gavin for letting us non-Plus folks see the information). Next up is the info for the Empulse! Here's something that I found on Brammo's Facebook page: Quote Brammo We remain on plan – … Go to Source