Suspension oil change

Yesterday I found a link to instructions for changing the oil in the Fast Ace forks used by Zero on their bikes. I have changed the oil in a lot of forks, including cartridge forks, and this looks to be more difficult and involved than anything that I … Go to Source

Old habits die hard — share yours

hi all keep wondering how your are going with old habits on IC bikes compared to the Zeros or any ebike for that matter. I noticed that I still tend to wheel it out and "start" the bike before gearing up with helmet, cloves etc. That way in fact drain… Go to Source

weekend project with stuff from my garage to get some storage onto the Zero

Hi all,inspired by several posts about getting some storage on the Zero I took to work last w/end. had a look at all the unpractical and unecessary covers on the front (above the fues box) and rear above my 2011 fan inlet. decided to take the rear of… Go to Source

Brammo featured on CNN – Hong Kong Green City Challenge

"Hong Kong is only beginning to consider low carbon transportation and the Hong Kong Police are leading the way.  They have 20 electric bikes, just like this one, and they're beginning to set an example." [url=http://edition.cnn…. Go to Source

Anybody heading to Ashland…. Gavin Go to Source

TTXGP Forum and QA session with Cedric Lynch

Skadamo and I have dived into setting up and moderating the TTXGP Forum at and invite all of you to come and join up. Tomorrow we'll be hosting Cedric Lynch and Arvind Rabadia of Agni Motors f… Go to Source

New Enertia Plus Gallery on Brammo’s Google Plus Page

Check it out: Go to Source

Random 2012 Zero questions

I have a few general questions about my Zero that have been nagging me and I thought I woulds ask them here. The older model Zero batteries used to need to be run down to near zero capacity a few times to "condition" them.  My understanding is that the… Go to Source

Drive Motor power VIN designations

On page 1-5 of my 2012 Zero owner's manual, there is a VIN numbers designation break-down explanation. Reading from the left, the first three numbers, 538, mean "for use on the road"; the next letter, S, is the "motorcycle type" (S/DS platform); the ne… Go to Source

Wired briefly reviews the Enertia Plus Quote For $1,000 extra, the Plus doubles the range of the three-year-old base-model Enertia to 80 miles. Tha… Go to Source