NASA tests a Moon e-bike

Check out this story. It seems like NASA tested an electric mini-bike for use on the Moon. That is a new one on me.     I wonder how it would have worked in 1/6 th gravity.    h… Go to Source

New Colorado EV tax credit information (FYI Income 67)

The State of Colorado has now split out a new FYI page for the revised 2012-2016 Innovative Motor Vehicle Credit that gives up to a $6,000 dollar refundable tax incentive for EV's.  (It also gives tax incentives for all kinds of other green cars too.) … Go to Source

Range Variation with temperature change..

Ok…at first I thought there was little battery use variation between cold and warm…. But I now realize I was comparing cold and slight less cold:) I was comparing riding at 20 degrees and riding at forty degrees… With my type of riding (quick sub… Go to Source

Accessing UBMS and CAN Data for offboard charger

Hello, I'm an EE so naturally I had to get inside my Enertia and mess with it a bit.  I have designed some fast chargers for other vehicles including the Nissan Leaf (ie Chademo).  20 to 50kW chargers are my thing so I built a smaller one for fast char… Go to Source

TTXGP announces joint FIM races (including Laguna Seca w/Brammo)

FIM & TTXGP: JOINT EVENTS IN 2012Strengthening the collaboration between FIM and TTXGP both parties have once again agreed to combine three rounds of their respective race series  2012 FIM e-Power International Championship and the TTXGP World Series … Go to Source

How many miles do you have on your Brammo….

This thread is for people not working for Brammo…I imagine they all have many many miles on their bikes. Almost 50 miles today…on a work day! Gavin Go to Source


In today's newspaper was an article (written by Dana Hull of about the Coda sedan, which started rolling off their assembly line in Benicia, CA, yesterday. The Coda is a joint venture with Chinese battery maker Lishen, which ma… Go to Source

2012 Zero S Suspension Thunking noise

Recently, I have noticed that my front suspension makes a "thunking" noise when going over sharp bumps in the pavement. It also makes this noise when holding the front brake lever and pumping the forks up and down.  It does not make this noise when pas… Go to Source

Comparing the cost to own an IC motorcycle with an EV

Since it is raining today, I started doodling with a pencil and calculator trying to figure out how long you would have to ride an electric motorcycle, with its higher cost, in order to save money, compared with an IC motorcycle. Since I have access to… Go to Source

Cheaper (and better) solar!

Startup Aims to Cut the Cost of Solar Cells in Half Rather than cutting a block of silicon to make 200-micrometer-thick wafers (which is about as thi… Go to Source