Susan Carpenter’s LA Times article

No, I haven't seen it yet, but she just added me on Twitter today, so I expect something to show up soon. Go ahead and follow her at @LATcarpenter Go to Source

Is this a new photo? I don’t remember seeing it before… On the models page (bike models, not brammo babes models) there is a red Plus… Not sure I've seen this image/angle before… Gavin Go to Source

Autonomous miniature flying robots

Check out this 16-minute long video of a TED seminar describing small autonomous flying robots. It shows how they work and what they can do.  Their capabilities are quite amazing and the seminar is both informative and entertaining.  [url=http://www… Go to Source

Facebook cover changes.

Something is going on over at Brammo. They've been changing their Facebook cover over the past week. On March 4 it was this: [img width=600 height=264]… Go to Source

Mission Motors electric racer stalks the streets of San Francisco

Mission is taking their racer through the streets of SF, gathering data. They are using their bike as a development platform… Go to Source

Question about parking on a slope.

I was reading this article about the 2012 Zero DS, when I saw something that raised a question. Quote An emergency brake or other device to keep the rear wheel from turni… Go to Source

Enertia Plus on the Dyno

Enertia Plus Dyno Test = 23.5 hp @ 64mph Anybody care to comment on the information up on that screen at the end? Go to Source

Brammo Facebook Timeline… ugh :(

I cant stand this new layout damnit! IMO Brammo needs to go back to the traditional layout… The timeline truly sucks ass. Their facebook page is one of the few reasons I still have a Facebook account… Probably going with a Google+ account only, but… Go to Source

Ordered a Zero…

I put a deposit down on a Zero XU today. The original Enertia Plus price would've made this a no-brainer for a decision, but with the announced price increase and the no-timeline for Canadian release I decided on the XU for commuting duties. If you guy… Go to Source

Satisfaction with 2009 zero x?

If there is anyone there reading this post an owner of a 2009 zero x? I'm curious about your impressions with the bike. I am looking at a used one, and would like to know what the major issues have been with that bike. Thanks Go to Source