free Enertia for 6 months if you live and work in SF..

for a Brammo Fan.. go herehttp://www.scuderia… Go to Source

Carrying a passenger on a Zero S/DS

Zero DS "Features" page says "Ability to accommodate a passenger with an optional accessory". What kind of accessory is it? I have not seen it in the dealer's catalog. Did anyone install it? Go to Source


anybody successfully install a windscreen….? I saw these uiversal screens at givi…. was curious–spoilers/Cupolini-universali-en/ jim Go to Source

Coolest motorcycles

I just found this site with 10 of the coolest motorcycles around. Specially interesting is Mission representing the electrics.… Go to Source

loud horn

Hello everyone,I would like to install a loud horn on my 2011 Zero S.  Can anyone tell me how to tap in to the 12 volt power output?Thanks Go to Source

A future mod?

Well if a 150cc Bajaj scooter can pull a side car…. Well surely the Enertia and Plus could pull one too… Hmmmm, throw 3 battery packs in the side car a… Go to Source

Empulsive Contest…

Ok, not to win an Empulse…but it does let us know teaser images are coming… G Go to Source

Intrigued… with questions…

Hi all… new to this forum… I'm spending about $250/month for gas. I'm in my mid-50s, retired, very fit/athletic, and busy building a custom home that requires me to drive 30-50 miles a day (to the construction site and on related errands). By natur… Go to Source

Good news for the EU

I just saw that Brammo has updated their dealer locator page with numerous dealerships in Europe. Brammo Europe AUSTRIA Elektrofahrzeuge Silent DriveHengstberg 49St…. Go to Source

Racing Fairings Anyone?

Am I the only one wishing that there is a fairing option? Go to Source