Brammo Empulse commercial Go to Source

Empulse is good for Zero?

I wouldn't be surprised if Empulse R causes sales of Zero bikes to increase. The logic being that folks are lured into considering an electric bike when they see the awesomeness that is the Empulse R, and then once they are giddy with the idea of ownin… Go to Source

What sounds are normal for your bike?

I know we all consider our bikes "silent" but both my bike and my wife's bike make some sounds. I'm not sure if it's because there is no engine noise or there is something unusual on our bikes, but I'm able to hear a lot more of what's happening than I… Go to Source

17 Mile Drive…. Quote 17-Mile Drive is widely recognized as one of the most scenic drives … Go to Source

Electric Power-train Question

I was just curious if there, at this point, is a general "best" electric power-train setup for an electric motorcycle, by this I mean is there a best combination of battery size/type/weight/kWh, motor size/wattage/weight etc, frame etc? Just a all arou… Go to Source

Biista electric motorcycle

Here is a new European electric motorcycle:… Go to Source

Has Everyone Forgotten?

Kind of obvious since the Empulse came out that most attention would be drawn there but have we all forgotten the beautiful, original and pretty darn perfect for its intent Enteria/+? It still says preorder on the website so when can we expect to actua… Go to Source

Rimac Concept One Electric

This thing is pretty impressive! [url=h… Go to Source

Brammo Empulse Commercial – Behind the scenes

Just saw this and am watching it now: Brammo Empulse Commercial Behind The Scenes Go to Source

On riding electric

Reading this unrelated article, titled "The frequent fliers who flew too much":,0,3094073,full… Go to Source