Brammo Enertia Plus LE in Hong Kong

Some more news about the Enertia Plus LE (Law Enforcement) bikes in Hong Kong just surfaced: Quote Cops simply electric on silent bik… Go to Source

Zero DS review by has reviewed the Zero DS. It is more positive and balanced than the review performed by Asphalt and Rubber recently.… Go to Source

I’m ready!

Thank you for choosing Keesler Federal Credit Union for your lending needs. We are writing to congratulate you on your 2012 Brammo Empulse R motorcycle loan being ①approved, share details of the approval and help you finalize your loan.  … Go to Source

Brammo in Germany

Just saw this on a Facebook Page belonging to Lautlos durch Deutschland.  Appears to be an electric vehicle dealer in Germany.  More here: [smg id=… Go to Source

Volt advertisement

This is a pretty funny advertisement for the Chevy Volt. Zombie Ride I'm looking forward to one day seeing an apocalypse movie where, with no gasoline left in the world and after walking for week… Go to Source

Isle of Man TT Zero – Coming soon.

Practice for the Isle of Man TT starts on the 26th of May 2012.The TT Zero (electric bike) race is on the Wednesday, June 6 (2 weeks from now). Full schedule… Go to Source

Had To Share This

Yall may have seen this before but being a cruiser/Harley guy I had to share. Purely aesthetic purposes but still novel and cool! A V-Twin motor/battery setup that actually looks kinda cool. Go to Source

Fully Charged – British clean transit series

Really nice presentation. I'm a little bit skeptical of his CO2 claims for the Tesla, and caught a couple of small slips. Probably the best "dispelling EV myths and hand-wringing" video I've seen. Pilo… Go to Source

hello vectrix?

I am a shop owner and have a dead Vectrix here that most likely needs to be reprogrammed by Vectrix. I have been totally unable to contact the company and the nearest dealer can't either. Has anyone out there had any luck getting through to Vectrix,it … Go to Source

An update from Steve Atlas

Posted on the Brammo Blog Quote Round 1 of the 2012 season kicked off the first weekend of May and arrived with great anticipation. Problem was it didnt last long – for m… Go to Source