Clock for the Zero

I ordered a clock for my ZF9. Check it out. Here is the website where I got it: Go to Source

For Empulsebuyer in beautiful Colorado

Stay safe out there, my friend: Go to Source

Zero in the news, MSF training The comments seem mostly negative due to lack of a clutch. Go to Source

Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby

TTXGP Portland 2012 – Steve Atlas buzzes the pit wall. Atlas buzzes the pit wall at PIR. Go to Source

Empulse Question…

the radiator….does it cool the batteries only, the motor only, or both? Gavin Go to Source

Empulse RR on Brammo’s SmugMug site

Here's the link: (I can't view this site from work as it is filtered due to "Personal network storage and backup.")    Go to Source

White Noise Empulse

Just posted on the Brammo Facebook page: What say you, Empulse lovers?  Prefer the white? Frankly, I'd vote for a name change on the … Go to Source

Trial Bikes

Sorry if this has been mentioned before but… ELECTRIC TRIALS BIKES!!… Go to Source

Winter hand guards

I know most people are not thinking about winter right now, but here are some waterproof fabric universal-fit handlebar covers that will keep your hands warm and dry during inclement conditions. They are lightweight and can fold up into a small package… Go to Source

MSF approves the 2012 Zero XU as a M/C trainer

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has approved the 2012 Zero XU for use in their motorcycle training program. Here is the article:… Go to Source