Zero owner age/location/bike year and model

41 y.o / Redondo Beach, CA/2012 Zero S ZF6 Go to Source


Is it me or does the 2012 Zero S suspensions feel like they are transmitting every single little bump and undulation on the road, straight through your arms and butt?The bigger bumps are handled fairly well I think. But even the differences in pavemen… Go to Source

Brammo RR gets a major overhaul…

Woah… Gavin Go to Source

Free Electric Motorcyle!!

Did the subject grab your attention??  I was just at a conference, where one of the sponsors is having a sweepstakes for an electric motorcycle.They have a picture of a Brammo Enertia, but the fine print states "…one (1) winner of an electric mot… Go to Source

TTXGP at Portland International Raceway – June 23-24, 2012

Sounds like they may have some limited Gas vs. Electric action.  From the TTXGP Forum: Quote Portland's going to be a little different to the norm. EV Live providing a lot of exciting … Go to Source

Time to Parse out a separate subforum for racing

I'm going to be moving some of the existing threads on racing over here.  Go to Source

Oregon Governor visits Brammo

From this article: Craig Bramsche… Go to Source

Exact Dimensions of Zero S 2012 ZF9

Hello,I searched the web but I can't find all the dimensions of the 2012 S Model. I am especially looking for the width of the bike as my Garage has only a small spot left.Can someone meassure the width of the bike with the handlebar and the body wid… Go to Source

Zero Poll

Just took this interesting poll from Zero. Didn't get a chance to take Brammo's, so can't compare: You have been invited to participate in this survey. Your feedback is important. Please click the link below to begin the survey. [url=http://www.zoomera… Go to Source

A comment on "My first commute on my Brammo Enertia"

I posted a video many moons ago of a test run I did from my house to my office, and back again.  Even though it's about two years old, it still gets comments.  This is the latest one: Quote if you want your expensive batteries to last as long as possi… Go to Source