86 year old Edison Nickel-Iron cells discovered, tested

PDF link Worth a read in its short 7 page entirety, but here's the gist. Short version: author finds batteries of unknown make on craigslist that have been servicing a lighti… Go to Source

Senator Merkley goes oil-free

Merkley to Celebrate Independence Day with "Border to Border: Oil-Free Across Oregon" TourSenator will travel length of state by electric vehicle   Portland, OR – Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley will celebrate America’s independence next week by traveli… Go to Source

The point of no return

Okay, maybe a bit dramatic but that's what it felt like to me : P Rode the Zero to visit mom over the weekend. Two primary ways to get there:1. 120 miles of interstate + some off-interstate city roads, ~2 hours2. 83 miles of state highways, 45-65 mp… Go to Source

Wrong forum. Please delete, BF..

NT. Go to Source

Foot peg DIY for $6

– 21" x 0.5" copper pipe ($6)– 10.5" x 2.5" radius stiff pool noodle (from the garage) plus black sharpie marker on the ends Push the pipe through the pool noodle and slide the whole thing in the lower cylinder on the bike.  Fits snugly.  Copper color… Go to Source

Mail Tribune Article – Brammo’s Long Run

http://www.mailtribune.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=%2F20120701%2FNEWS%2F207010316 Just saw this posted on FB.  Production ramp up in August?  Does that mea… Go to Source