"An Empulse R On The Line" Picture

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Cardboard Bicycle! Really…not kidding.

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How Will New 54.5 MPG Fuel Regulations Effect Electric Vehicles?

So by 2025 this is supposed to be in full effect. We all now this really depends on the coming election and what changes could be made to a number of issues. Regardless, what do you think this will mean for the still emerging EV market? In one way it h… Go to Source

The "EV Smile" – Article and videos for Nissan LEAF

Nissan of North America and their advertising agency, Chiat-Day, asked me to write an article for their blog about electric vehicles and the videos I make about people that own them. Below is the link.[url=http://www.nissanleafdrivers.com/post/3040424… Go to Source

Limited edition Euro model Zero S

I just noticed this item on Motorcycle.com :   http://blog.motorcycle.com/2012/08/29/motorcycle-category/standard/2012-… Go to Source

Jalopnik Brammo Review

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Solar Charging and Modified Sine Wave Inverters

I really like the idea of going "full solar" for my commute . . . once I finally get my Zero S.  I already ordered a standalone backup solar power system from Northern Tool, and was reading the manual for the power hub (inverter) which has a warning th… Go to Source

Hello everybody! New member here!

My name is James Richards and I am sort of new here at Brammo, and wanted to introduce myself. I have been riding and racing motorcycles for over 30 years. I held an expert road racing license in Oregon and competed in the 750 super sport, and super b… Go to Source

Brammo Motor For Sale on Ebay!

Apparently this is the Perm motor used in an Enertia. http://www.ebay.com/itm/PERM-Electric-… Go to Source

Atlas in Icon’s Limiter catalog and website

I just got the LIMITER – Icon's catalog.  There is a very cool layout featuring the Empulse RR and Steve Atlas.  The website also has a feature on it: http://www.rideicon.com/bikes/atlas-shrugged/[/url… Go to Source