Early adopter problems, it is all realtive

Some of you may have noticed that I cut Zero a lot of slack and don't get too upset when I encounter various "glitches" on my Zero.  That is because I was so beat-up by my experiences with my two Electric Motorsport GPR-S bikes that I have become numb … Go to Source

Cool Motoczysz Video

The story of Motoczyz – The World's Fastest Motorcycle Go to Source

A Polaris reverse-trike?

Now I realize that this prediction is really tenuous, but bear with me for a moment.  An article written my Fred Rau in his "Lost in America" column in the September issue of Friction Zone discusses the increasing popularity of motorcycle-based … Go to Source

A Photo Evolution of the Brammo Enertia.

Correct me if I am wrong on the chronological order of these. 1. Prototype with brown seat www.automotoportal.com/photos/brammo-launches… Go to Source

Spreading the word

Do you get those odd looks from people at intersections who are to shy to ask?  Or you're flying by on the highway and others are not sure why they don't hear you and likely don't know that they can commute without gas?  Perhaps it's time to advertise…. Go to Source

Zero S 0-40mph poor acceleration

I know there was a discussion about this topic a few weeks ago, and I was wondering if any improvements have been made. Offthegrid: Have you been able to get any improvement after the controller change/software twisting? Go to Source

The Evolution of the Brammo Enertia(+)

Can Somene please post pics of the different iterations of the Enertia as it has changed over the years. I don't know how to post pics on here. Go to Source

Adding The IET?

What woukd adding the IET to the Enertia Plus due for its overall performance? It seems compact enough to not really mess with (IMO) the EP's beautiful lines. Without changing much else except for whatever has to be changed by adding the IETm would it … Go to Source

Alternatives to the Enertia Classic?

Just a you all know more than me question- http://www.theelectricbicyclestore.com/stealth-hurricane-electric-bicycles/ [url=http://www.stealthelectricbikesusa.com/hu… Go to Source

Tickets to the TTXGP World Series Final?

I know that it's still another two months before the TTXGP final in Daytona, but I figured that I should start looking for tickets to see the race. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find where to get them. The only thing that I can get Daytona Speedway ti… Go to Source