How long should shipping take?

Ordered my Zero S two weeks ago and waiting for it to arrive at the dealer (in NY).  Dealer says it shipped by last Tuesday, but still hasn't given me an arrival date.  Anyone know how long shipping from San Diego to NY should take? Incidentally, it lo… Go to Source

Empulse Reviewed by Hell For Leather! Anyone read this yet? Go to Source

On Board Chargers?

I am trying to figure out what the real benefit of having the charger on board or built in is? I understand that without the on board charger there would be no way to let's say go to a restaurant and charge the bike up using the restaurants outlets. So… Go to Source

Tools Question

I noticed my drive belt is getting a little loose.  Last I checked, around 1000 miles, it was within the 20-30 kg spec limit.Now it's down to 15 kg. (2170 miles)   So I'm thinking about tightening it. Anyone out there done this yet?  I know offthegri… Go to Source reviews the production Lightning has just published a very complimentary review of the street version of the Lightning race bike. The acceleration of the bike shown in their video is just amazing.  The price of the production version is $38,800, twice that of the… Go to Source

Eboz Wheelie

Brian Wismann just posted this on twitter: Go to Source

Eric Bostrom posts video of Empulse RR testing At Thunderhill

Brammo Empulse RR- Eboz THill This guy knows how to keep the Brammo fans informed. Go to Source

Parker Motor Powers Brammo’s New Electric Race Bike

Press release by Brammo and Parker Hannifin: Quote Parker's GVM traction motors offer low… Go to Source

Is Capacity and Weight It?

My question is- is the capacity and weight of current batteries the biggest "downfall" electric vehicles have? Basically- How much has electric motor technology advanced? Is there a significant difference in the chassis needed for an ICE bike vs an el… Go to Source

Senator Ron Wyden Visits Brammo

From Craig on twitter: Quote Senator Ron Wyden Rocks – he was just here and we got to thank him for his work on the tax credit for EVs! Thank you Senator! Should have some … Go to Source