LIMITER – the Icon blog, on the HFL review Although it's mostly a review of the review, there's a particularly great quote in here: Quote If our Brammo Enertia is an indicator — let… Go to Source

Is the 2012 Zero XU reliable and how many folks here have them?

Hey y'all,   The title pretty much sums up what I want to know.  I'd like to get an estimation of sample size of those owning them here and also if there are any known issues. I have an electric bike that I like but I want the street cred of an actual … Go ...

Gear Question

While reading over at the Empulse treads, people start talking about what gear they use. Me being new to motorcycle riding, I have been browsing helmets, jackets, and gloves.I read some reviews on Hell for Leather and have been looking at these items…. Go to Source

DIY – Changed my chain

I had ordered an O-ring chain a while ago and hadn't gotten around to installing it — thrifty me wanted to wear out my previous chain first.  I got tired of waiting for my current chain to wear out – but it was due for a tensioning adjustment today. … Go to Source

Empulse review in Motorcycle Consumer News

I just received the September issue of Motorcycle Consumer News. They have a full-page "First Impression" of the Empulse and Empulse R.  There is nothing new in this article and it seems to be assembled from the information provided at the Empul… Go to Source

Empulse one of the 10 best bikes for different types?

According to Visor Down it is: Go to Source

Is my motor bad ?

2011 zero S 1900 mi I was riding around 45 mph and I tried to accelerate twisting the throttle wide open the bike jest stayed  at 45mph and there is a arcing noise coming from the motor. Now the bike won't go over 30mph. Do I have bad brushes? And I on… Go to Source

What were the waterproofing recall modifications?

Today I rode another 25 miles without encountering the "glitch". But I was wondering if the BMS board was actually replaced under the waterproofing recall or was it just coated with a waterproofing compound? My bike never had the glitch until the recal… Go to Source

Brammo August Newsletter

Just got the newsletter in my email.  Here's a link to the web version.It's a very detailed wrap up of the Laguna Seca weekend, some of which w… Go to Source

Bad customer service from Zero and local dealer

Zero and Carter power sports in Las Vegas win worst customer service award from me…Less than 700 miles and my Zero S started to "glitch". The throttle stops responding without warning and needs to be turned off and on to work again. Less than 10 mil… Go to Source