Another battery "breakthrough"?

Today's battery breakthrough news was announced by General Motors' CEO Dan Akerson. They invested in a company called Envia Systems, which claims to have made a "huge breakthrough" in the amount of energy density of a lithium-ion battery. GM says that … Go to Source

Stackable Batteries Article

Found this on CNET. Looks pretty interesting, wonder if it could work in a vehicle application?… Go to Source

Have you been ICE’d?

One of our forum's very own, Kelly Olson, has made a video that has captured the eyes of many, including a reporter for the Christian Science Monitor: [url=… Go to Source

"Creating lustful machines" – the core to Brammo’s business

An interview with Craig Bramscher, Brammo CEO in MSN's "Exhaust Notes" column this week.  Polaris Invests $13 Million in Electric-Motorcycle Startup… Go to Source

Steve-O and E Boz at Laguna

Steve Atlas has written a new blog post: I have to give Steve credit: his description of the races he's in continues to be pretty amazing.  He can describe something in … Go to Source

Potential Zero owner query…

The machine is a 'new' 2011 Zero S demo that has 1500 miles on it but would be sold with a full two year warranty. I would buy the bike from out of state and have it shipped to me. The nearest Zero dealers to me are a minimum of FOUR hours away, with t… ...

Battery cooling

Visor Down reports that Kawasaki has applied for a patent to duct air through an electric motorcycle to cool its batteries.  If this works, I assume that it would avoid the complexity and expense of liquid cooling.  Here is the story: [url=http… Go to Source

Possible Tax Credit Extension Go to Source

Enertia Issues

There's a very enlightening post over at the Electric Motorcycle Forum: 2012 model Zero reliability issues and repairs The problems that seem to be the most common were: … Go to Source

Charging stations are growing in number…slowly….

So we have two public charging stations in Albuquerque. Santa Fe just added 2 also.… Go to Source