The sad story of my Enertia + order

As you may remember, last August I ordered a black Enertia+ here in the Netherlands. Delivery would be end of August, the Belgian distributor promised. I could not be happier that the long wait was finally over!I was going the be the first Brammo owne… Go to Source

Guerrilla charging at my BMW dealer

Today I guerrilla charged at my BMW dealer, located 40 miles away, while visiting them to buy a small part. The shop has a nice unsecured 120V covered outlet on the service department's exterior wall. After charging for a couple of hours, I let the ser… Go to Source

Zero XU in new Bond movie?

Just saw a preview of new James Bond movie and swear I saw a Zero if just for a few frames. Anyone have access to the Net to check? Go to Source

With 108 cells in a ZF9, whats the chance a few aren’t as strong as the others?

Ok, so I have a little over 10,000 miles on the 2012 ZF9.  Had it for almost exactly 5 months now, although it was out of commission for almost a month while I waited for a belt and then a new BMS board, so a good 4 months of riding it every day.  1/2 … ...

2010 S Chain rattle, any mods?

I really enjoy using my 2010 S however there is just one thing that bugs me, the chain rattle noise. I've experimented by over tightening it and this had some effect but still rattles a bit so I put it back to the correct tension. There must be some af… Go to Source

Who has already the new Firmware?

Who has already the new Firmware of the SevCon Controller? I am interested in one effect. We all know if the Zero 2012 is moved back and forth the Motor is making a sound. It was always explained as recuperation, but that is not true. If you disable re… Go to Source

Polaris expanding R&D facility – I wonder… Quote Polaris Industries Inc. said Wednesday it is breaking ground Sep… Go to Source

Episode 9: Interview with Shelina Moreda A great interview with Shelina, and lots of Brammo content. Go to Source

Post on Brammo blogs about an Intern Worth reading the whole thing, but I thought this was interesting: Quote During his time at Brammo Sai has conducted research on federal and state incentives for two wh… Go to Source

Fort Collins, Colorado, Police test Brammo Enertia Plus LE Quote FORT C… Go to Source