The Brammo Empulse RR is finally arriving

Two days ago I received an email message from Brammo saying that I was not to forward or tell anyone about the message.    I was told that I could finally get on the purchase list for buying the Empulse RR.  I was pre-order number 98 and it has been… Go to Source

Glitch 2011

Seems ColoPaul and myself had recently a glitch with our 2011 models. the bike seemed to have lost all power and the motor just growling when trying to go. the first few occasions a reset (key on/off) got me going again. Found overall the motor working… Go to Source

Poll re 2012 Zero S and DS owners stalling and/or power loss

New poll to see how many more 2012 S and DS owners have experienced stalling or power loss problems. Go to Source

Repeat after me…

Back to back North American Champions: Icon Brammo wins 1st and 2nd at Miller and takes the Champship home to Ashland for the second year in a round. More to follow… Gavin Go to Source

Custom License Plate Name

Now that it really is getting closer to getting the Empulse (bit nervous), I am thinking of going with a custom license plate name for her. I can only have 5 characters for the plate. Something fitting it being electric instead of ICE.I can also add s… Go to Source

Empulse Pre-ordernotification.

just got this,ma few hours ago. I'm guessing the 5 is my spot…I guess I'll need to know exactly when in 2014 the regular Empulse will be available… Dear Dittiman Singh [5], As you probably know, on May 8, 2012 Brammo revealed the Empulse and Empul… Go to Source