Participating in an PEV Owner’s Panel

They're having an event at local Raleigh business and I was asked to participate in a panel representing PEV owners. There's a Volt owner, two Leaf owners, and myself. One of the Leaf owners also did a Chevy S10 conversion. I'm pretty excited, because … Go to Source

Zero DS 2011 Battery Internal Resistance test

I jujst got my brand new Hioki professional internal resistance tester. I made a video of the test on my zero Ds 2011 battery Doc Go to Source

Holding a spot for the Icon Airmada helmet review….

Ok…might be a while (at least a week or two) as I just got the helmet yesterday…and I hadn't really planned to do a review…but BF wants one and BF gets what he wants Gavin Go to Source

Loud pipes cause access restriction and get me ranting

Here is my loud pipe rant for today:    The public may not be all that enthusiastic about electric vehicles due to cost and range limitations (I hear that sales of EVs are falling and not meeting manufacturers' projections), but I do think they will… Go to Source

They’re on a Roll!

This just in on the Brammo Facebook page: "Brammo Road Show vans and trailers heading to a dealer near you…..carrying Enertia and Empulse Motorcycles across the USA." [img width=600 height=248]… Go to Source

2012 S Battery pack/BMS reset

Is there anyone willing to explain how to do this in our bikes (and the needed hardware/software)?. I have read some older posts where protomech & offthegrid talk about this, but it is not totally clear to me how to perform the job. Pictures also, plea… Go to Source


He served as secretary for clergy at the Philadelphia Archdiocese from 1992 to They are the largest rodent in the world and can weigh up to nearly 150 pounds.The lawsuits are being filed Tuesday by a total of nine pla… Go to Source

New York owners?

If yes, are you willing to help this guy out? Go to Source

National Plug-in Day

Here is a photo of the motorcycle exhibit at the National Plug-in Day event at De Anza Community College in Cupertino, CA today.  It was hosted by Toyota, I believe.  Lots of cars, not much in the way of motorcycles.  Only Lightning showed up. No Bramm… Go to Source

Electric Cowboy and Zero S set speed records at Bonneville… Go to Source