Burning smell in Eco mode?

Yesterday, I tried my 2012 Zero S in Eco mode for the first time after riding on the parkway for about ten miles in sport mode.  I switched to Eco mode for the secondary rides, and I switched with the bike powered off, as per the instructions. While ri… Go to Source

World TTXGP Championship at Daytona Oct 19th-21st

Who all is going to be at this event? It should be the biggest race yet! Go to Source

TTXGP Australia, Ripperton & Catavolt brief interview

Catavolt and Ripperton electric superbikes on SBS QLD Race 2 TTXGP The Australia racing scene is basically two bikes, both smaller budgets but fiercely competitive. Hope they can make it to Daytona. Go to Source

Autoblog Green posts a lengthy interview with Elon Musk

http://green.autoblog.com/2012/09/07/tesla-ceo-elon-musk-q-and-a/ Lots of interesting bits. * supercharger network unveiling next month .. elon is right about charge speed bei… Go to Source

WSJ blog on Zero DS

http://blogs.wsj.com/drivers-seat/2012/09/06/review-zero-ds-makes-case-for-electric-motorcycles-slideshow/ Go to Source

Enertia in "Few & Far" video

It's only up for a few seconds, (at :50 or so) but this is the Enertia that Scuderia West loaned to GearChic. The video is pretty darn cool, so watch the whole t… Go to Source

Empulse ride review in MCN – By Wes Siler

Just saw that Wes Siler's ride review was in the print version of Motor Cycle News (MCN).  Probably violating something here, but will take it down, if asked. Details Pic of first page:[img width=591 height=619]http://brammofan.files.word… Go to Source

Dealer Anxiety

Anyone know if the dealers are going to try to charge any dealer fees? I'll pay tax and title, but that's it! As it is, I'm barely back in the Empulse buying game. If they try to stick me with a destination fee, assembly fee, or paperwork fee then I'm … Go to Source

Brammo HK posts "Kowloon to Central Hong Kong"

They say it's the first of many – Brammo Enertia_Documented ride from Kowloon Bay to Central Hong Kong Someone needs to tell them about the wonderful world of O-Ring chains.  Ever since I inst… Go to Source

Honda Accord Plug-in

http://news.consumerreports.org/cars/2012/09/getting-a-charge-from-driving-the-2014-honda-accord-plug-in-hybrid.html CR prev… Go to Source