Does Brammo need a SevCon update too?

TTXGP World Championship at Daytona – Practice Sessions When I reached Minute 6:57  at the video I thought ups the maybe have a similar problem. And in 8:40 the found an encoder problem Maybe … Go to Source

2013 Zero S test ride review by Motorcyclist magazine

Here is a link to a two-page review of the new (and not available until January) 2013 Zero S by Alan Cathcart for Motorcyclist magazine. http://www.motorcycliston… Go to Source

A police review of the 2012 Zero DS

Here is a detailed positive review that was prepared for police departments by a retired police officer reviewing the 2012 Zero DS.  I note that this site also has other reviews of BMW's  IC "authority" motorcycle models. [url=… Go to Source

Motorcyclist Magazine has a first ride report for the 2013 Zero S Looks like a solid upgrade all-round. The journalist notes that the 2013 bikes still … Go to Source

What will motorcycles be like in 50 years?

That is the premise of an article in the  December issue of Motorcyclist magazine (starting on page 22) where various representatives of the industry attempt to predict what motorcycles will be like in 50 years. Here are the comments that should… Go to Source

Zero doesn’t like me…

I have found that test riding a Zero is a lot more difficult than it should be. About one year agoContacted a dealership in Deland (35 miles from my office) for a test ride. Never got any response.About three weeks agoHeard about the n… Go to Source

San Fran peeps….

'Nuff Said Gavin Go to Source

Wheelies with the 2013 FX

Just found this video on facebook: Sure does look easy to get the front wheel in the air! Also great to see that the bike is already w… Go to Source

MotoLady Reviews the Empulse

Another positive reivew for the Empulse R, this time by MotoLady. http://… Go to Source

Saietta R Electric Motorcycle Go to Source