Congrats EmpulseBuyer

Congratulations, Jeremy on being this year's EVangelist! Go to Source

Brammo at Daytona video Go to Source

TTXGP 2012 Saturday

Practice for Saturday is expected to be around 8 am EST. For anybody who has access to the race schedule, the Empulse RR bikes are in "Group #3: AHRMA Groups 3 & 4". Qualifying for the TTXGP Final is scheduled for 5 pm EST. Go to Source

Clunking noise from chassis

Literally just picked up my new S LE and noticed when taking it out of the crate and getting on and off it that it makes a couple of odd click/clunk noises.  Sounds like a spring slipping against a bit of metal or something, around the rear shock area … Go to Source

Where’s Brammo

This sucks. Here I am in the Daytona Speedway garages, and I can't find Brammo. Anybody have a suggestion of how I can find them? I've asked a few people, but nobody I've asked knows. Go to Source

feedback from Zero on request for demo ride in Sydney

Thank you for your interest in Zero Motorcycles. At Zero we strive to ensure that all interested riders and owners have their questions answered, receive invitations for demos and have all needed purchasing or pricing information. This email is to … Go to Source

Zero Accessories I’d pay for

For my 2012 ZF6:  1) A automatic timed blinker turn off  2) A display that shows engineering data – like kWh/hr, remaining kWh, Battery Temp, Motor Temp, …  3) A shop manual  4) An extended warranty  5) Cabling & Software to connect to the vario… Go to Source

Port on side of 9DS battery

The dealer and I went searching for the OBDii port on my MY12 9DS today to do the motor controller firmware update.  In the process, I pulled the cover on the high current charging connector on the right, rear, upper portion of the battery pack.  Can … Go to Source

Tail Tidy

So the standard numberplate hanger is an affront to human decency.  Is there an aftermarket tail tidy available or a decent DIY option?   The metal flange above the brake light looks like it would make a simple platform for mounting to. I did do a sear… Go to Source – Next Stop Daytona

Just published a short blog entry to preview my trip to Daytona this weekend. I have a bit of a backlog with my blog entries that I need to get caught up on. My excuse? A very sick family including my 3 month old daughter, and the resulting lack of sle… Go to Source