Zero released details of 2013 models

Apparently, Zero has been busy redesigning their bikes for 2013. A new motor, new frame, new batteries, a new urban bike model, better range, faster. Competition and choice is always a good thing for the consumer. Go to Source

2013 Zero Modells

A good morning to you all, a few minutes ago a newsletter from zero motorcycles arrived, here is the online-version:[url=… Go to Source

ESBK Studios Episode 10: INterview with Gavin McCullough Its Gavin.  'Nuff said. Go to Source

2013 Zero lineup

— Most Advanced Electric Motorcycle Lineup Yet – Arriving in Dealerships January 2013 — By Zero Motorcycles SANTA CRUZ, CALIF., OCT. 1, 2012 — /PRNewswire/ — Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, today announced it… Go to Source


I bought my 9DS from a dealer about 150 miles down the turnpike from my house.  I drove my trade in up to the dealer, picked up the bike and tried to make the 52 miles to the first service plaza where a bud was meeting me with a truck.  I put the bike … ...

EV Plug Wars – An interesting article on Wired

I just saw this article about Tesla motor's new "supercharger" and the plug wars that seem to be on… Go to Source

Contact from Brammo

Brammo hasn't been all that communicative in the past, so when they do say something, it's worthy of note. The latest news I have from them is an email that said: Quote Hello,  The wait is getting shorter and shorter for your Brammo Empulse!  We are… Go to Source

Belt Life, 2012 D and DS

I've got just over 4K miles on my DS and need a rear tire.  Avons are my choice for the super motard look. I read in another post about a belt snap at 6K miles.  I normally go for as much as I can once I get the tools out so, my question is- How ...

2013 models to debut at Intermot

I am planning to be there on the 6th and will shoot some photo's off course! Go to Source