What an electric bike really costs!

After owning an electric Vectrix VX1 for almost three years and commuting for over 33500KM I decided to make a cost overview to see whether it does not only make sense environmentally to commute on an electric bike but also financially.The story is [u… Go to Source

New Brammo Jacket?

Gavin Go to Source

How about a 2013 FXU model?

I have placed an order with Hollywood Electrics for what amounts to an FXU model. It will be all FX in power, wheels, tires, etc., but mounted on the XU suspension for low stand-over height. Everything FX except the XU suspension. … Go to Source

Empulse Production

Production of Empulse bikes should be starting some time soon (today?), hopefully followed by deliveries! I know that they can build multiple bikes per day. I wonder if that build time includes final inspection. Or how long it takes to get from the sta… Go to Source

Empulse in the Wild photos….

If Brammo needs more people to ride the Empulse in the Mountains covered in snow…well, yes Jeremy can do that…but I can too Gavin Go to Source

The "Brammo at EICMA" thread

They are posting dozens of photos.  I will try to get them all up here, but for now: Say what you will about their delivery timelines, … Go to Source

Side bags for the Empulse

From the Milan show….we hopefully will get tons of nice photos and new information… Gavin Go to Source

Australian RVCS Certification Unit Details

Australian RVCS Certification Unit Details I doing some searching about ADR approval for importing Zero motorcycle and came across this. RVCS allows vehicle manufacturers to electronically certify that the vehicles that they supply to the Australian m… Go to Source

CA carbon tax starts this week.

I read today that California starts its "cap-and-trade" carbon-tax this week.  It is too complicated to describe, but eventually every business that contributes to air pollution will be paying a per-ton of carbon pollution fee that will go to the state… Go to Source

Rode the 2013 S today!

I rode the 2013 S today and all I could say was OMG!!! It was like having a crotch rocket under me! A super bike! Handling? Wow it is good! I like everything about the bike except the location of the helmet lock, WTF! It has got to be about the most st… Go to ...