2013 Guess on Delivery

Does anyone have any insight or even an educated guess as to when Zero will start delivering the 2013s?  I'm thinking 2013 but then that is not very useful. Go to Source

Possible Temp Sensor problems?

New member here.  Apologies if this maybe has been discussed elsewhere already (I sort of took a look around), but I'm on an accelerated learning curve here and need some information expeditiously: I took a test ride (for a day, a 24-hour period) yeste… Go to Source

Electric cars sales slipping

Jerry Hirsch of the LA Times wrote an article published in my newspaper today, titled "Study: Electric vehicles still too pricey, poorly marketed", which says that the sales of electric vehicles is falling off. This is according to a J. D. Power… Go to Source

Enertia+ in November?

Hi all, another thread about my Enertia Plus order. There seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel. Both Brammo and my local dealer claim that (before the end of) this month an Enertia+ will be ready for me. As always, I'll believe it when I se… Go to Source

LED headlight installation

I was the beneficiary of an LED headlight (identical to the one Zero offered for the 2011) that i intend to swap out on my bike. Does anyone know how to do that? Anyone actually swap out their 2011 headlight for the zero LED offering? Go to Source

Brammo auctions 3 autographed photos of Mark Buckley

Here are the three (click images to go to the ebay auctions): [img width=300 height=200]http://brammofan.file… Go to Source

eCRP Energica

eCRP unveiled their Energica prototype bike yesterday. Energica 2013 world preview. First Part Available: 2014Price: €18,000Motor: Permanent magnet AC, snychronous machine, oil cooledPeak power:… Go to Source

Zero 2013 FX. I have ridden one…HUGE step forward, but small onboard charger

I was lucky enough to be invited to a dealer presentation and being able to drive the new S 2013, and the 2013 FX. You may summarize this is one word: AMAZING! The bikes are all knew, silent, nicer, more powerful, practical, and far more efficient. Our… Go to Source

Intresting call about "My Empluse"

Hi guys, thought I'd let you all know about this interesting call I got from the Brammo dealer in San Fran on Tuesday eve. Apparently I'm number 5 on the waitlist, but I happen to be the lowest number in the US…Wish I knew this before I bought my m… Go to Source

Empulse R video (re-release)

Brammo Empulse R Electric Motorcycle Re-released because, well, if you care to, you can figure it out.Still looks great! Go to Source