Gizmag coverage of EM 5.7

Some cool new features mentioned in gizmag article… Quote The low-maintenance EM 5.7 has three operating modes to match the bike's performance with the rider's ability. The Novice mode has reduced speed, torque and power for beginners. Trek is chose…

Kuberg Electric Trials Bikes

Kuberg Homepage Kuberg Facebook Looks like you can buy Kuber…

Help! Need to find 12v wire for grip heaters

My daughter gave me grip Warner's for Christmas (such a thoughtful child!).  I am trying t figure out the best 12v wire to tap into.  Probably can get to the headlight wire if I need to, but I was wondering if someone who has already done this has a be… Go to Source

Data Logger

The Empulse R has an 8GB USB flash drive for logging your riding and charging.  When I picked up the bike, I was told I wouldn't be able to make sense of the files, but I figured it might be worth looking anyway while I had the seat off.  There are .DR… Go to Source

Wiring stuff on the Empulse R

While there's been some side conversations about wiring up electric gear in other topics, the cold weather finally motivated me to get my heated vest hooked up ASAP…long underwear isn't cutting it anymore.   The 12v connector for the Empulse looks… Go to Source

Quick ride report…

I figured I had to share since I spent today "verifying" one of the specs… At a secret test location that will remain confidential (for the sake of my driving record), I can confirm that the Empulse R will do an indicated 100MPH!    A couple… Go to Source

My new zero mx (street version)

I bought myself an new present. a dealer had an zero mx for sale which I bought next fryday I can pick it up and begin my adventure Go to Source

Charging message: Battery too cold

Today I tried to charge my Enertia Plus for the first time and I got this message on the display:As you can see it's not freezing but rather warm for the time of year … Go to Source

Empulse Rider Questions

Moving some stuff from the mods thread to this new one: Q: (Shinysideup) Today I ran the battery down to 15% for the first time, and, when accelerating up a long hill, I noticed some brief, partial cut outs. No cut outs, really, but more like a brief, … Go to Source

Enertia Plus photos in the WILD…

Ok we have a "in the wild" thread for the Empulse R… Now we can start one for the Enertia Plus (they are in Europe now, slowly…and America soon…or soonish…) Here is a working Enertia Plus in the wild… [img width=600 height=450]http://sphotos-… Go to Source