Will the 2012 Z9F battery fit into a Z6F?

Anyone know if the 9kw battery will fit the 6kw 2012's? Are there any other differences besides batteries and weight? Go to Source

The Week Magazine: Empulse

The 12/28 – 1/4 edition of The Week news magazine digest included an image of the Empulse R along with some copy from the GQ magazine blurb. They placed it their feature: Holiday Gifts for Those Who Have Everything. Go to Source

ESBK Studios: Episode 14 The ESBK Studios Christmas Special

http://esbk.co/2012/12/24/esbk-studios-episode-14-the-esbk-studios-christmas-special/ Azhar briefly, ARC EV Racing, and Shelina Moreda the day after Brammo… Go to Source

Enertia Plus 55 mph range

Looking at the specs, I see they've been updated:http://www.brammo.com/enertia-plus-specifications/ Most of it is unchanged, but there's a section on range with the MIC standard tests. [quo… Go to Source

2012 Zero Z6F for sale (making space for Empulse)

Getting ready to pick up my Empuse soon and selling my Zero. This Zero replaced my 2009 Enercia and gave me double the range with an extra 20mph and 30 less pounds. It has been a lot of fun and is only 8 months old with 16 months left on the transferab… Go to Source

Accessory port

Is this the Enertia+ accessory port? There's nothing about it in the manual so I thought the Plus didn't have one after all (I remember it being mentioned a long time ago). If it is, what type of connector is it and what can I do with it? [img width=6… Go to Source

2013 FX, 2 battery function question

With 2 batteries, I have read you can ride with 1 or have increased power by using 2 at the same time.  Does anyone know if both batteries could be on board yet ony use 1 battery?  Then when the first battery was used up, you could use the other batter… Go to Source

My First eCrash

I had wondered how well the Zero would crash and put it to the test last night.  First off in over 3 years and i was literally just thinking beforehand how attached i have become to the bike and how gutted i would be if i wrote it off.  Luckily it wasn… Go to Source

More Power to get away from the traffic light?

Hi yes I am sure I´m not the first to ask (but maybe the earliest?).Ok, my Brammo is just 2 days old, and I drove about 20km (in the city of Vienna). A really nice bike. To make it a really great bike, is there any possibility to giv… Go to Source

New Empulse at Bartels

Just saw this on electricmotorcycleforum.com:  Quote just stopped by Bartels in Marina Del Rey where they have 4 new Empulse R's ready for delivery. One is available … Go to Source