Next show: New York – Progressive Int’l Motorcycle Show

Brammo and Avon Tyres showing the Empulse R – New York City, January 18-20, 2013. Anyone going to drop by? (Cleveland, Ohio, is the weekend after that one). Go to Source

Hell For Leather Includes Empulse

In an article showcasing the most exciting bikes for 2013, HFL had this to say about the Empulse: "Finally on-sale, the Empulse is the bike that’s really going to put electric motorcycles on the map. That’s because it’s not just some poor excuse for a … Go to Source

I think this is somebody we know….

Picking up MY white Empulse and taking it back to Hawaii Congrats!! Gavin Go to Source

Future of Charging

So now that Zero has committed their 2013 line to the CHAdeMO style of charger that is popular in Japan and not the J1772 charger that we have here in the states, what's gonna happen?  I can buy a J1772 Level 2 charger at Home Depot for about $800 acc… Go to Source

MONDO huge collection of pics of Ain’s Big Day

It's almost like a movie, if you look at the photos quickly enough:HUGE COLLECTION HERE Damn,… Go to Source

Multiple charger configuration for 2012 S

Revisiting this topic again.. discussed earlier.. but hopefully with some words from offthegrid : ) The stock Delta-Q QuiQ chargers for our bikes is a 1 kW unit, … Go to Source

Santa has a new way to travel…

From Hans in Germany? Clean travel….less methane emissions… Gavin Go to Source

Bike HK Article on Brammo Empulse

Bike HK (Hong Kong), had this to say about the Empulse: Quote 六速電動 一般人對電動車的感覺都流於簡單,心裡老是想著電動車只有扭油及停車,純粹是一台代步的交通工具。不過,這種想法是時候變為歷史了!因為Brammo推出了Empulse車系,首次在電動車上配上六前速波箱,還有仿離合器的設計,電動車從此有不一樣的乘騎樂趣。而強化版的Empulse R更用上強效的避震及制動,使電動街車也可以有跑車的感覺。   I couldn'… Go to Source

Empulse Two-Up Pics

Are there any photos of the Empulse with two riders other than the promo video? I'm wondering how high up the pillion rider will be with that seat design. I know the promo video showed the passenger on the downslope, but I just figured that was Steve-O… Go to Source

ESBK Studios: Episode 12 Interview with Kenyon Kluge of Zero Motorcycles Skip to minute 50 to bypass my "hot blither… Go to Source