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Has a web version Gavin Go to Source

It is the Dawning of the Age of Empulse (iques)…..

Images of first customer to own a Brammo Empulse R will be out shortly…and then posted here. I have made a horrible first draft image to celebrate…not enough time to do it right, but will replace when finished "proper" image Gavin [img width=432 he… Go to Source

Rear Foot Pegs for the 2012 S/DS

Has anyone done a nice rear foot peg installation for their 2012 S/DS?  I've seen the Zero ones and am still looking. Go to Source

Brake Caliper Mounting for the 2012 S and DS

Has anyone looked into fitting a Nissan or Brembo caliper to the 2012 S or DS FastAce forks?  I've got some calipers about and sure would like to get rid of that POS piece on the bike now. Go to Source

Parker motor pic

Brammo posted this on their (*gack) Instagram page with the caption, "Coming to an Empulse near you." Go to Source reviews the Brammo Empulse R "The silent sportbike killer." Nice. Go to Source

Wait for it…

[html]<embed src="" type="application/x-sh… Go to Source

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The desk grommets are devices designed to fit into holes lining them completely thus making it possible to pass cables smoothly and in an organized manner,emu australia ugg boots. Most office desks ar… Go to Source

Electric cord pass-through watertight gasket thingy

I have no idea of the name of the part that I'm looking for, so I will describe what I want:1. I want to avoid unlocking the seat to uncoil (and re-coil) the electric cord.2. Instead, I want to store the cord in my panniers, which are the hard Givi b… Go to Source

Danged clock

Anyone else just a little annoyed that the only user-adjustable field on the clock is the hours?  My clock has, for whatever reason, been 'off' by about 8 minutes for awhile.  I just got around to changing it back from daylight savings time and grrrr. … Go to Source