The Environment

I'm expecting the delivery of my S and I have already started fielding questions/attacks on why?!!… One of the difficult questions to answer is the one that everybody first thinks of as a reason to buy an electric bike and it's this: How green is you… Go to Source—best stuff of the year

Might be something Brammo related….. Gavin Go to Source

J1772 Pricing

I have been reading up on the web but there are so many varying types of J1772 im not sure exactly what the Zero adaptor does, because it looks to me like they have a soldered an IEC plug to a fancy socket and slapped a $500 price tag on it. I charge o… Go ...

December Delivery News

It's been rather quiet over at Brammo HQ over the past few weeks. I was kind of expecting cheers from happy customers saying that they had received a phone call from the dealer telling them to come over for a test ride, but that hasn't happened. Hopefu… Go to Source

Self Service: Motor

Does anyone have any detailed information (like a service manual or videos) I could review on how to remove/replace the motor on a 2011 S? Thanks Go to Source

No AMA races at Sonoma Raceway next year

According to a report in this month's issue of City Bike there will be no AMA racing next year at the Sonoma raceway (formerly Sears Point Raceway and then Infineon Raceway, but now Sonoma Raceway) in Northern California. Management was quoted a… Go to Source

Monster Beats Tour With Controltalk 83011

Welcome to Louisiana,Beats Detox Cheap. If you are coming to Louisiana on any of your casino vacations or gambling road trips,Monster Beats Dre Tour, you … Go to Source