It’s the End of the World….

Holy Crap…..I didn't know there were any Brammos in Australia…. luckily there are heroes to help out in this time of crisis… [img width=507 height=707]… Go to Source

ESBK Studios: Episode 13 Interview with Travis Gintz

Travis ( forum regular) gets me straight on the tech. ESBK Studios: Episode 13 Interview with Travis Gintz Go to Source

Minor starting "glitch"

I and possibly one other person, have experienced a minor glitch since the big controller firmware recall was performed.  Sometimes I have to turn the ignition on then off and back on again before the throttle will catch and the bike moves forward.  Wh… Go to Source

My visit to the Zero Factory

When I spoke with Richard Walker, Zero's CEO, a couple of months ago during a customer feedback conference call, he invited me to visit the factory once they got their 2013 production model assembly line up and running. That day finally arrived yesterd… Go to Source

MCN article on electric motorcycles

There is a good article showing a 2013 Zero S and talking about what it will take for widespread acceptance of electric motorcycles and cars in the Jan edition of Motorcycle Consumer News. The gist of it is that range and cost are the two big problems…. Go to Source

Brammo Empulse R Review –

An Electric Ride For Serious Riders Well, can't say I agree with every point this guy makes, but he did enjoy… Go to Source

2013 Zero press introduction video

Here is an 11-minute video showing the press introduction to the 2013 Zero line.  All of your favorite Zero personalities are here    : Zero 2013 lineup Go to Source

pinkyracrs zero 2013 show

Dont know if you saw it already, Ive found it in pinkyracrs upload: Zero 2013 lineup nice video imho. her channel is full of empulse R footage btw Go to Source


An Empulse and an Empulse R getting some testing at Thunderhill… Gavin Go to Source

Pinkyracr rides the Empulse to the Rock Store -video

Brammo Empulse rolls into the Rock Store in Malibu Suh-weet. Go to Source