Agni motor trouble (again) on Zero 2011S

Hi all,me again, still seem to be running into problems with the Agni motor after every couple of k miles. Replaced the motor about 6 months ago with similar originating symptoms. In the hope that other rides have experienced similar and know more of … Go to Source

BMW sells Husqvarna

Today BMW announced that they are selling Husqvarna to KTM.  So why is that being posted here?  Because the press release includes the following statement: "The next step in the expansion of the product line-up in this segment will be the series la… Go to Source

JCAMJAMES just posted a photo…

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"New Enertia Plus just in…any favorite colour?" Go to Source

a broken frame

No good day today. I took a ride with my Brammo to the office, as it´s spring time in vienna. 10 degrees! But it also has been very stormy, and after some hours a colleague told me that the wind has thrown my bike to the ground. Not that bad, the fron… Go to Source

Bike Magazine tests the 2012 ZF9 Zero S

Yesterday, in one of the video reviews of the 2012 Zero S posted in mid-December that was included on the Zero TV webpage, I heard mention that the British motorcycle magazine, Bike, was testing the 2012 ZF9 Zero S and their review would be incl… Go to Source

new here

Hello I am a new owner of an Emulse R. So far the bike is doing great. Aaron Go to Source

Screw It

Replaced OEM plated pan-head torx screws with stainless steel socket head cap screws, mostly on the battery cases, and rear fender. Will slowly go after almost all of them. Why? The mixture of screw types bothers me. (I know… I know..)I like stainl… Go to Source

First Time In Person

Not too big of a deal but I went to the Harley Davidson of Washington DC today and they had an Enertia Classic in the showroom, first time I have ever seen one on person. Made me love it even more!!! Just thought I'd share. Go to Source

Empulse on the dragstrip..

I figure some records are ready to be made and broken. The Empulse should be classed by NEDRA as PMC/F (production motorcycle, 97-120V). Relevant current records[/ur… Go to Source

I am not sure if this side is well-know here, I never tripped over it before. Even a "Search" has no result so I will post it. [url=http://www.zeromoto… Go to Source