My test ride,,, nice,,,

 . Well, went today to Bartel's HD in LA,, Had my test ride,, & ,, I'm hooked! The clunk is noticeable , but after a little bit of driving, who notices???The whine is neat,, will it annoy me later? Not sure,, but for now I don't care,,, Well, alr… Go to Source

federal tax credit

I don't recall being able to get the fed tax credit on last year's 2012 S purchase but I don't recall why.  Is that possible?  Can anyone point me to where I can find more info on how to redeem/check on this?  Google is failing me/I am failing with goo… Go to Source

Need volunteers for a elmoto owners round table podcast for ESBK

Hey guys, I am looking to put together a round table of electric motorcycle owners to talk about what the realities are of owning one these bikes.  I want both Zero and Brammo owners, and even Vetrix owners as well.  Here is my dream list: HarryGavin… Go to Source

Colorado Tax Credit for EV motorcycles is dead. Gone. Eliminated.

The State of Colorado finally published their revised FYI 67, and it's not good. "VEHICLES NOT QUALIFIED FOR THE CREDITThe following vehicles do not qualify for the credit: Motorcycles and scooters In order to qualify for the credit, a motor vehicle m… Go to Source

Battery heating on any Zero model?

Does the Zero have any battery heating as standard or optional on any of their bikes?With the Li chemistry being more sensitive to cold weather this is an important feature for those riding all year long.Thanks. Go to Source

Happy New Year! What are you’re Brammo related plans for 2013?

Ok…first…HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Day one of 2013 and there is snow on the mountain and my granddaughter is out sledding on a beautiful, sunny but brisk day. Couldn't ask for a nicer start. Second…what is your Brammo/EV plans for 2013? Me? Looks like a B… Go to Source

Battery heated gloves

Recently there has been some discussion on the BOF about battery-heated gloves. Web Bike World performs a huge number of product evaluations on all motorcycle clothing and accessories.  I have several of the items that they have reviewed and I b… Go to Source