Motion Pro Seal Mate USD fork seal cleaning tool

This looks like an interesting tool that might be helpful to owners of a Brammo – and you can't beat the price: Seal Mate the Tool that Fixes Leaking Fork Seals Go to Source

Road salt and brushes

As I rode to the train station this morning, tires crunching the road salt liberally spread about after a day of snow/sleet/freezing rain, I began to wonder about the potential deleterious impact that salt might have on the engine and components of my … Go to Source

Time for a new insurance company!

Looks like GMAC/National General Insurance doesn't want to insure the Empulse R… Any other new owners have better luck with their insurance company or have an Enertia insured with a company that's not afraid of electric motors? Go to Source

First major ride

I didn't get much riding in yesterday – got the bike late in the afternoon and spent some time with friends afterward and then it was dark. So today I decided to see what it could do in the mountains (Santa Cruz range) – my goal being to get to Alice's… Go to Source

Lithium ion battery article

I found an article in my newspaper by the AP, datelined "Washington", written by Seth Borenstein, titled "Tinkering with lithium ion batteries" kind of interesting. It is a long piece that covers Li-ion batteries in general and is not terribly p… Go to Source

Motorcycle Exhibition in Germany

25-27,January was the "Motorradwelt Bodensee" a Motorcycle exhibition in Germany, so I had the chance to "touch" a 2013 DS Go to Source

Comparing the Empulse with the 2013 Zero

I just visited Terry Hershner's (offthegrid) Facebook page this morning to get updated on his adventures in the Bay Area (he seems to like it here) and I noticed that he mentions that he is likely the only person who has ridden both the Empulse R and t… Go to Source

Rain test – check!

After spending an evening going over all the materials I decided to find an excuse to ride it a little more before I put it to bed (i.e. charging) til morning so I went out for a late night snack.  Due to our quirky valley weather patterns I got a surp… Go to Source

Empulse Headlight

I just read Wes Siller's article about riding a 2012 Zero DS for three weeks. He didn't have anything positive to say about that bike's headlight, which is the same as t… Go to Source


I think I've finally solved what for me is unacceptably dim OEM lighting for high-speed night driving. First, I installed a HID conversion kit. As Flar pointed out, these are problematic because the OEM reflector is made for a halogen bulb. Fortunately… Go to Source