New 2012 DS Owner, a Few Questions

Hello All, I have been watching Zero Motorcycles and electric motorcycles for a few years now.   When the 2012s came out I had the pleasure of a test ride on a DS and really liked it but could not come to terms with the cost.    With year end pricing a… Go to Source

How about this product, Zero?

For the 2013's, that have quick remove batteries, I'd like to see Zero market an aftermarket portable charging station. It could either have a built in charger or use one of the external chargers now available from Zero (probably better). This would b… Go to Source

Rolling Thunder in DC, May 26

I'm thinking about riding in the Rolling Thunder event on Memorial Day in Washington DC this year.  It is an amazing gathering of motorcyclists and I think it would be a fun way to show support for the troops by riding in this event.  Is anyone else i… Go to Source

MotorcycleUSA testing the Empulse?

Just saw this on the the PNW (Pacific Northwest Riders) forum: Quote Yesterday while out paying my storage bill near the airport here in Medford I was stopped at the light … Go to Source

Brammo should open a factory in China…. And the Beijing government should buy a… Go to Source

Assorted Farkles

I've updated my photos, adding descriptions and a few how-to tips. These include: HID light, Centech fuse blo… Go to Source

Powerlet Install

I finally found the time to complete my Powerlet install in order to hook up my electric vest on the Empulse.  Here's a quick post in case anyone else is looking to do the same. Parts:– Low profile 36" Powerlet wiring kit ([url=… Go to Source

FYI New Suspension Supplier Coming

Spoke to a reliable source today  and found out the suspension components would be sourced from a  different supplier in the future.  I can't recall exactly………. it was either Showa or Kayaba.   He never mentioned  when this would be implemented …. Go to Source

How often does ball bearings fail

Uh I think that my bearings are failing on the electric motor. theirs a typical sound of the motor like in this movie. I heard from the first owner that he cleaned the bike with a steam cleaner so I think that's where the damage is from…. does any on… Go to Source

Lithium ion fire risk?

Lots of news stories about the fire risks of lithium ion batteries, what with the Boeing 787 being grounded and all.  NPR had a piece on this. http://w… Go to Source