ESBK Studio: Episode 15 Interview with Colin Whittamore of Mugen Still improving my host abilities, and now I need to work o… Go to Source

Joe Keto – pic from Brammo’s Facebook

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Hottest Zero ride 45.8C 114.44F

All For change I want to report on possibly one of the hottest Zero rides. While most u are freezing we have it nice and about to hot!Today record heat ever in Sydney Australia with 45.8C /114.44F !  HOT. Aside of many horrible bush fires across the c… Go to Source

Denali Torq Atak Cycles Electric Trials Bike

This video is from 2009. The comments mention this company Denali was sold. Wonder who bought them. Cool to hear Geoff Aaron's comments on the bike. The Denali Electric Trials Bike

Gas Gas TXT e8 Article—for-kids.htm [img]…

ECOCYCLE Electric Trials Bike

The comments say it's an ECOCYCLE. Anyone know who makes this? I can't find a web site for it. Looks like a big OSET. Maybe a one-off prototype? Electric Trials Bike..

Anyone going to see Brammo at the Progressive Motorcycle show in NYC? Quote 01/18/2013 – 01/20/2013  Progressive International Motorcycle Show, New YorkAvon Tyres will be showcasing a Brammo Empulse R during the 2012-13 Progressive International Motorcycle … Go to Source

Forum Upgrade Time!

Early morning on 1/18 (~5 AM CST) I will upgrade BF to the latest version of the forum software. I will look for a point where few folks are active. Downtime should be < 20 minutes. Please email me or reply to this thread with any issues. skadamo@gmail… Go to Source

Motorcyclistonline first ride review I'm curious about the claim of 60 lb-ft of torque.  Did they simply misread the 63 Nm figure, or … Go to Source

Motorcyclist Magazine reviews the Empulse great Aaron Frank seems to like it. Gotta love this: Quote Once I fi… Go to Source