CNN Money interviews Brammo CEO on the Empulse

Brammo's 100 mph electric motorcycle Go to Source

DS 2011 upgrade to 84V and regen

I am considering to upgrade my actual 2011 DS to 84V. Liveforphysics confirmed me that this great Agni 95R motor seem to wake up at that voltage and i am really curious to see what performance i can get. I am considering buying that controller for the … Go to Source

An eventful weekend with my Plus

It took a lot of dedication on the part of my dealer to arrange a licence plate for my new Enertia Plus, but this Saturday it came in the mail. So finally I had another chance to ride it for more than a circle around the little square we live on. The … Go to ...

ESBK Studios: Roundtable #2 Elmoto Owners

I talk with Richard, Micheal, and Harry about being elmoto owners. Go to Source

Trading my 2011 DS front fork for a 2011 S fork

I am converting my DS 2011 ( black) into a S and i would like to trade my DS front suspension fork for a 2011 S front fork. IF anyone are interested PM me! Or if anyone ever made the PCV spacer Preload spacer mod on their DS, please contact me ! I foun… Go ...

So, after a week of driving my Enertia+ my thoughts.

Things I like No more cold engine fuzzNo more clutch and gearboxNice easy driving.Nice and strong front brake Things I'm a little confused about and other minor things I keep adjusting the mirrors but doesn’t seems to find “the correct” position.In… Go to Source

Eclipse black

I finally got called from the dealer to take my deposit. I saw on the Brammo facebook page that the Eclipse Black bikes have black forks?  I thought all R's had the adjustable suspension and the "gold" looking fork. Trying to decide and finalize my col… Go to Source

Empulse Service Experience

So last week I see a battery fault code while riding on the freeway. (Don't ask me the number, because I've forgotten it by now!) Later, in the evening, I mention that the bike threw a code in an email to Adam Lukoic, Brammo's Service Manager, with who… Go to Source

GearChic’s review of the Enertia, Part One

No surprises here, she loves it. Read the whole thing, but here's a teaser: Quote In the beginning I was worried… Go to Source

Efficiency at Charging

Hi, yesterday I logged how much energy is running into to enertia.Battery has been at a SOC of 48%, and – according to my 12€ powermeter – 3.818 kWh have been consumed. Thus, dear auditorium, for a totally empty battery I would need 7,954 kWh, at 6.2… Go to Source