Empulse R review in City Bike

I feel like someone handed these editors an Empulse without any information on how to use the transmission.  I don't have a copy on hand, but Richard230 posted some interesting quotes from it over on the emoto forums: [url=http://electricmotorcycleforu… Go to Source

Gas Gas ETA TXT 4820 Product Page

Gas Gas has the bike up on it's home page in the "Elektro Trial" section. Seems pretty official…. http://www.gasgas.eu/index.php?id=1450#col3_typo3content_image

Dieter Rudolf on the Gas Gas e-Trial [video]

MR – E TRIAL GASGAS ride by Dieter Rudolf The new Gasgas Etrial ist ready for use and got molested by Dieter Rudolf.More Info at http://www.gasgas.at or [url=http…

City Bike magazine reviews the Empulse R

I just picked up the March issue of City Bike, a free San Francisco monthly newspaper-style magazine. The new 2013 Empulse R is reviewed in a full-page article on page 19. (Unfortunately, it didn't make the front cover like my Zero did last Apri… Go to Source

HSB Triple Hybrid "Tri-brid": Pedals, ICE and Electric!

http://www.autochunk.com/5891/2012/12/06/thomas-bubileks-hsb-combines-bicycle-electric-motor-and-combustion-engine/ [url=http… Go to Source

Anyone paired their phone with their bike?

I'm looking to pair my phone to my bike and just curious if someone has done this and if they want to share how they did it. Go to Source

12DS to 13DS, First Impressions

Wow, Zero was really listening to their customers.  I just put twenty miles on my 13 DS and here are my first impressions.  I can see what is behind me and ON BOTH SIDES.  The mirrors are much better.  When I went to go, the bike WENT.  The new motor… Go to Source

Shelina on an Engage

Caption: Y… Go to Source

Brammo Hong Kong, Pushing the envelope again

I seem to recall that Brammo HK was the first to do some experimentation with different colors of the "boomerangs" on the Enertia.  Now, it looks like they are playing with seat colors: Caption (from their FB page): ‎2013 Brammo … Go to Source

2013 FX "fuel" gauge, fewer bars.

I notice that my new FX has 10 bars showing on the full charge gauge instead of the 11 used in the past. A number of posters on this forum have said that on the 11 bar gauge there is a hidden 12th bar. Now the question: Is there a hidden 11th bar on th… ...