Log Inspector

I've been working on a JavaFX program to load and view the logs from the Empulse log drive under the seat.  I've gotten to a pre-Alpha stage and put some source code up on bitbucket and I'd like a small number of volunteers who are capable of downloadi… Go to Source

All Hail the New Charger (presumably same as the old charger)

http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151268371260443&set=a.442402705442.239501.108820970442&type=1&theater Wondering if they'v… Go to Source

Speedo Accuracy

Just wondering… how accurate are the Zero speedometers? I've had motorcycles that have had varying degrees of accuracy, some not very. Go to Source

Things that make me appreciate electric drive.

The big annual antique motorcycle ride meet in Borrego Springs CA is this week. One of my favorite events with a parking lot that looks like a big outdoor antique motorcycle museum (usually over 100 bikes). Normally, I get one of my antique bikes in r… Go to Source

Out of State Registration

Since there are more states then dealerships at this point, more of us will have to make a trip to the DMV to get plates for our bikes.  In Illinois I ran into a problem which turn out to really be a need to educate the folks in the particular office I… Go to Source

Regenerative Braking

I have had my Tesla Model S for three weeks now and I am constantly amazed by their implementation of regenerative braking.  In short, the throttle is a linear torque demand device that goes from max power to max regen.  If you are using 20 KW-Hr to dr… Go to Source

Daytona Bike Week

Will anybody on this forum be attending bike week in Daytona this year (with their bikes)? http://www.daytonachamber.com/daytonabikeweek/ Dates:March 8 – March 17 Location:Daytona Beach Sadly,… Go to Source

Luggage rack only?

I have a S on order and would like to have something I could attach a lunch box to, such as the Givi luggage rack that comes with the Top Box.  I don't know if $600 is a high price for this, but I am not interested in the box, just the rack.  How does ...

Some Really Cool Electric "Motorcycles" I Found!!!(New Video Added)

http://www.kuberg.com/c-2-models.aspx http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=knzOZOlLVxQ&feature=related [url=http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=thLT… Go to Source

Electric trolley

Here is something a little different:  Electric trollies have been around for a while.  But I just heard on the news that Marin County (just north of San Francisco) has approved a $200,000 contract with a consultant to investigate the feasibility of bu… Go to Source