200 mile thoughts…

Just rode the farthest in one day draining the battery from 100% to about 12% riding it around running errands all day. Just some random thoughts: 1.  Thank you Brammo for making such a fun and unique bike!  I really can't wait to ride it everyday!2. … Go to Source

Plastic body trim fasteners

GOOD NEWS! For 2013 buyers. Today I noticed that my new FX has 5mm button head bolts holding all of the exterior plastic trim pieces. None of those pesky and fragile plastic push pins holding the body plastic (there are some underneath, in front, o… Go to Source

Hey, look what I found!

There are more and better pictures en route of the encounter, but let me tell you it was an electrifying experience! Go to Source

(Another) Fork question – 2012 DS

As an old thread on here somewhere details, my DS developed a bad fork seal leak in the right fork within a month after I got it. I took it in for repair once, the seals were replaced, and it was improved, but still leaking. I took it in a second time,… Go to Source

Brammo History Project

Just saw this video by/about Brammo: BRAMMO History Intro Project on Vimeo Go to Source

Clip-Ons anyone?

I've been riding standard bars for a few years now and I swore I'd never ride clip-ons on the street again. I might reconsider with the Empulse though. The cockpit is tight and small and I actually struggle to get my head low when hanging off. I *feel*… Go to Source

Bar end mirrors

I've decided that I should put some bar end mirrors on my Empulse, but realized that they don't work like I thought they would. I though that when I removed the screw from the end of the handlebar, the plastic end cap would side off and I could insert … Go to Source

Plastic Parts form Cracks!

During wintertime I started some modification at my 2012 DS. Yesterday I started my LED back-light … modification. I disassembled the rear part of the bike and noticed a crack :'( in the plastic at the right side.  I am sure it didn't happen when I dis… Go to Source

Torque values in the manual.

The manual has a bunch of torque values for lots of the nuts and screws on the bike, but many of the descriptions are a quite cryptic. E.g. Any clue what a this is:ASSY, SUBFRAME, INST – M6X1, NY, 10, ZC Whatever that is, it should be tightened to 8.9… Go to Source

620 mile range, 10 minute charge.

These guys seem to be quite a bit optimistic. They are making all kinds of claims about range and recharge time that would be great, if they were provable. 1000 km… Go to Source