Brammo heads to the wild side for racing season?

What th—- And earlier… these: [img width=588 height=314]… Go to Source

Graphene Supercapacitors

I want the 100 kWh one: Go to Source

2013 Nissan Leaf, 2013 Zero XU, and increasing bang-for-buck

One of the early promises of EV technology is that we would see not only improvements in range, performance, etc but that we would see prices fall as the technology matures, volumes increase, etc. Brammo Brammo's product lineup is a bit too spar… Go to Source

Brammo Empulse in Capitol One commercial

Yes, they felt the need to dub in the ICE sound.  Sigh.… Go to Source

What’s in *your* wallet?

Get a Capitol One card and apparently you get free backup arriving to the rescue on an Empulse (with a fake motorcycle sound): Purchase Eraser Go to Source

Brammo Buzz

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Pinterest board: Brammo Hall of Fame. Are you on it? All Empulse owners . . . for now. Go to Source

Oil Change

I'm only 50 miles away from 600, which is the end of the break in period, so I'll probably be doing an oil change. Unfortunately, the manual for my Empulse is about 75 miles away. Would anybody out there be able to take a picture of the pages of the ma… Go to Source

Zero dealers

Are there any in Ohio ? Go to Source

Playboy Magazine’s Motorcycle of the Year – Brammo Empulse R NOTE: May not be considered "Safe for work" (The article…not the bike, due to the fa… Go to Source