Holy Post Count

I just noticed that the Empulse sub-forum has more posts than the News sub-forum. I guess there's a little buzz around this product, huh? Go to Source

New to me Zero X – Need some help please

Just picked up a early Zero X.  I believe it's a 2008 (possibly an '09). I'm the third owner.  I know both of the owners, and I'm good friends with the 2nd owner, so I know a bit of the life this bike has lead.  Basically, my buddy barely used this bik… Go to Source

Where to buy the Hard Case (Side bag)

I am looking to buy the Hard Case (side bag) but nobody is selling it.. Go to Source

OSET 20 For Adults?

The OSET 20 has me thinking. I'm 5'11" and 190 lbs + gear. I've been reading that adults can ride the bike and it has a good amount of power. It's been called a "death machine" …

HardBags on Zero Police Models Available ?

Does anyone know who makes the Panniers on the Zero DS Police Models?   Has anyone mounted these on a stock DS? I like slim profile locking hard cases and am looking for some more space on my 2012 DS.    It seems odd that Zero does not offer these as a… Go to Source

Diy Battery Upgrade to my DS 2011 to add 100km range !!

8 kWh 2011 Zero BATTERY project STOCK ACTUAL SETUPMy stock DS 2011 is giving me 60 real Ah measured capacity before it cut. That is with 50% highway and 50% city wich correspond to my average us… Go to Source

OSET In Mud and Water – Video

OSET Snowman Trial – Electric Mototrial event for kids!

OSET 20 In Action video

OSET 20.0 Production Bike

Oset 12.5 Electric Trials Bike In Ontario, Canada


2011 Other Makes Spider 12.5 Trials Training Dirt Bike LIKE NEW!