Parking Decal Plate

I really didn't want to stick a parking decal on the fork leg of my Empulse. Originally, I got this semester's parking decal for the GS but I knew I'd me moving it to another bike. Knowing that it was a temporary install, I never peeled the backing off… Go to Source

BrammoBrian’s Mods.

I’ve been an Empulse R owner for about 1 week now and for those that know me, that’s plenty of time to start modifying my bike to my personal tastes! It helps that I’ve had plenty of time to plan what my first changes would be. All of the modifications… Go to Source

Apex Clip-ons installation

Yikes!  What did I get myself into!  So I ended up getting some clip ons for looks and a bit better riding position. To cut to the chase, at speed the lower position is MUCH more comfortable with less wind resistance.  Definitely not as upright.  Also … Go to Source

RAM Mounts

I have mounted my iPhone in the dash position for GPS usage and maybe the use of the app, although it's difficult to get the phone in a position where I can read it while riding, so I'm treating it as a "city navigator" which means I look at it while s… Go to Source

purchase price

So, I'm gonna schedule a test ride at my "local" dealer, but I'm basically sold on the bike already. The thing is, as I'm sure you're all aware, there isn't much of a market or information for the 2013 S. Aside from any tax incentives or trade-ins or … Go to Source

Replacement Tires for 2012 Zero DS

Has anyone found some good replacement rubber for the 2012 DS? The Deli Tires are wearing away quickly and although they are sufficient, I would prefer to try something different.   It looks like the Kenda K761 comes in the right size for the rear tire… Go to Source

L2 or not to L2

Since I'm having to wire up my garage with a new outlet to be able to reliably charge anyway, I spotted this on the Clipper Creek site – a March Madness sale on their L2 wall charger: [url=… Go to Source

Brake Light question.

This may seem like an odd question, but: Does the brake like on your Empulse get brighter when you press the foot brake or pull the brake lever? Because on my Empulse, the brake light intensity does not change at all, while on every other… Go to Source

2010 Red Brammo enertia in Los Angeles,CA

I am selling my red Brammo Enertia. This is an electric motorcycle. It coasts 1 cent per mile to drive, Imagine getting to and from work or school for just pennies a day. I owe $6629.56, so that is what I am selling it for. That price is firm (I am no… Go to Source

latests Colorado Dealership rumors

I don't know if anyone else has post this yet, but here is the latest rumors* I'm getting about the Denver Brammo dealership: "We anticipate having everything wrapped up with our dealer in Denver, CO the first part of April and can begin bike shipments… Go to Source