Wiring diagram

I was really excited last night because my 2010 is finally back together with some nice basic mods (pics soon) after Zero sent me a replacement motor. However, when I reconnected everything, I had no power at all the 12v side; ignition system, instrume… Go to Source

Magnesium wheels

anyone with any experience or feedback with forged mag wheels? Go to Source

Evo E-Drive Systems.

Check these guys out, they offer full electric drive systems- motors, transmissions, integrated systems, axles. Looks pretty impressive. http://www.gkn.com/driv… Go to Source

HOW TO: Launch the Empulse off the line with max acceleration!

Since this technique (first mentioned by Shinysideup for smooth starts) got a little overshadowed in the transmission technical debate… 1) From a stop with the Empulse in 1st gear 2) Roll the bike back 1 foot 3) Pin the throttle!!! This will result i… Go to Source

Empulse R on video in Florida

Found a video of a black Empulse R being ridden in Parrish, Florida. Is the subject of this video on the forums? http://youtu.be/hIpUFiQwFVY Go to Source

Charging Stations – options

When I got my Empulse R, it came with a ChargePoint card and instructions on how to activate it. Got the phone app too. Problem is that ChargePoint has few charging stations in Southern California. so I looked up the Blink Network – many more charging … Go to Source

Non "R" production guesstimate

"R" production and deliveries are underway and many pre-orderers are now enjoying their rides. I already know that my pre-order is set back for a couple reasons. One being where I live (Ohio) and that I ordered the non R. My question is, is there an es… Go to Source

2011 XU chain guard

The rear tire on my 2011 Zero XU got punctured by a long deck screw.  I have no idea how it managed to get lodged into the tire, but it certainly made a big popping noise as I was riding along. In taking things apart to get the rear wheel off, though, … Go to ...

Hope for Colorado ’13 buyers

Colorado used to give very generous tax credits for emotos, but dropped them completely starting 2013. I wrote both my state reps, and several adjacent state reps about a month ago.  7 in total.  Not a peep response. Until yesterday,  Jonathan Singer (… Go to Source

MotorcycleUSA review..

A very nice, and through, review… They got to spend some time with the Empluse and I think the review is quite fair… [url=http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/794/15679/Motorcycle-Article/Brammo-Empulse-R-Motorcycle-Review.aspx?fb_action_ids=1015147150572… Go to Source