I’m stoked!

Since my classic Royal Enfield bike refused to start for today's antique motorcycle ride I got back to my desert cabin early. So I aired down the tires on the new FX and tackled my trail. This is more of a route than a recognizable trail because if it … Go to Source

Recommended Charging Habits

When I owned my Enertia, I left it plugged up 24/7. Sure it draws a little extra juice for the several extra hours of battery balancing that is does after is reachs 99% SoC, but it's not much when compared to how much power it draws when it's charging … Go to Source

Alice’s Restaurant

I just returned from a pleasant ride to Alice's Restaurant on my Zero.  I note that City Bike is well stocked both in the Restaurant (in the rack in front of the cash register) and in the newspaper rack in front of the gas station.  Also the rac… Go to Source

Any Wheel Bearing Issues

I remember reading or hearing somewhere that there were some wheel bearing issues with Zero very early on.  Has anyone heard of this, had any issues or can otherwise point me in the direction of any posts on the subject? Thanks,Bill Go to Source

battery issues on a 2011 pack

I own a 2011 zero mx and I drove quite happily for the last 1500 km but I'm noticing that the capacity is a bit lacking….sure the weather is cold +5 degrees Celsius but today had had to push the last meters with one bar showing on the "fuel"gauge….. Go to Source

East Coast gets First Class Service

Not sure if this is news to everyone, but it was news to me: For years the West Coast has been graced with the best service Brammo can offer. Now we on the East Coast are getting that same first class service. Guess who's company vehicle this is? [img … Go to Source