120V vs 220V

If I plug the charger of my 2013 S into a 220V circuit, will it charge in half the time, or will it charge in the same amount of time, but use half the current? Go to Source

220V vs 120V

If I plug my 2013 S's charger into a 220V circuit, will it charge in half the time?  The specs say 120V or 220V. Go to Source

CHAdeMO Retrofit?

I love my 2012 ZF9, but I would love it even more if I could fast-charge it at a CHAdeMO charging station. Like other 2012 Zero owners I can't just buy a new Zero after investing so much in my current bike. But if I had the choice of retrofitting my 20… Go to Source

Bartels posting some great pics

You like pics of sweet Empulses?  Need to visit Bartels' blog: and another one: [img width=600 height=600]http://labrammo.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/photo.jpg… Go to Source

Fuji Elelctric brings production to US with 4th gen 25kW DC fast charger

http://www.heraldonline.com/2013/03/26/4722389/fuji-electric-begins-us-production.html Go to Source

Reflective tape – improved my chances of being seen

I got some black reflective tape from 3M. 1/4" wide and 50' from Amazon. Put it on the rims just like I had done on the Enertia  – but that was silver tape. This new stuff has just a little but of sheen, but is almost invisible. Got it on both rims and… Go to ...

Now really – how to extend mileage?

I have read that 5k rpm is the peak power band for the Empulse R. But also that is the most efficient rpm to run the bike at. So it is not like an ICE where the idea is to lower the rpm to save fuel? When the 120 +/- mile range at 19 mph ...

Jack up the bike

I have a '13 S.  Is there a best way to use a lift to get my bike off the ground for tire maintenance?  Could it be as simple as putting the lift under the bike and raising it up, or is there something I need to be careful about? Go to Source

Extra battery to extend range on DS 2010

Hi! I have a DS 2010 and want extra battery to extend range to 80-100 km. Has anyone experience? Can anyone advice? Best regards from Sweden Go to Source


I spent a little time this evening determining the Empulse R factory damping settings. Three of the four adjusters are non-clicking screws. Here's a quick breakdown of the range of each setting and the factory setting as a percentage closed (i.e. 0%… Go to Source